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More Than Him (2014)

More Than Him (2014)

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1495340600 (ISBN13: 9781495340604)

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Dear Jay McLean, reading your first three books was an awesome experience. Truth. I saw how you have evolved into writing which was incredible. You made me feel how Kayla, Jake, Amanda and Logan feel. You can differ from each character and you'd know that each is different from the other. I specially like Lucy (can't wait to read More than Forever). So More than Him is a gem. Knowing more about how Logan felt via his diary is liberating. A man doesn't always get to be presented like that and I liked that idea. Amanda was so forgiving. I almost hate her because of this, but you know, who can resisy Logan Matthews. I like happy endings, calm happy endings, not the overly flowery and heartsy endings. Just calm and happy. Thank you for giving me that. It wasn't able to live up with its prequel. I expected a lot more because of how the second book was written. Don't get me wrong the story was good but I kinda expected something more. But it was a good book nonetheless. I just was looking for something. There is one thing that really made me sad. It is that Dylan and Heidi grew apart. I really hope that the author would write a book for their story. I really think they deserve a happy ending. I think it would be a waste to end Dylan's and Heidi's story that way. It would really break my heart if they don't get a shot at forever.Please Jay McLean, write a story for Dylan and Heidi.

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WOW Logan truly emotion roller coaster ride with them !!!Beautifully written !!!

That was most definitely an emotional roller coaster! Love Logan!!!


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