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More Than One Night (2012)

More Than One Night (2012)

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0373717652 (ISBN13: 9780373717651)

About book More Than One Night (2012)

Rada gatel gw pengen kasih 5 bintang! kekekekekek... banyak kata2 yg gw suka banget di series ini, gw pengen request suami macam Rhys Walker muahahahaha, orang yg ketika gw bilang "yah, hidup gw berat si, tp setidaknya ada yg lebih berat, jadi syukurin aja" dan die jawab "just because you can find someone in the world worse off than you, your own stuff isn't supposed to count or hurt" kwkwkwkw *kopas gw*terus terus.. ada part nya si heroine yg bilang gini : "I can remember looking at the world from the outside. Always from the outside, but you brought me inside" haduh... gw bacanya sambil guling2... jadi inget pas disuruh ngegambar psikologis sama Didi waktu itu dan die membaca karakternya dan.. hhmm... gitu lah hmpfh **kan gw culhat** balik kerja ah.. I appreciate Sarah Mayberry's ability to craft relatable, sympathetic characters without a lot of manufactured drama. She writes about regular people dealing with every day situations, and that is refreshing. In this book, Charlie is a heartbreakingly earnest woman at a crossroads: she never knew her mother, her emotionally distant father has just died, and she has just left military service after more than a decade and is embarking on life as a civilian in a new city. My frustration with Charlie is her total lack of self esteem which, while understandable given her history, was really maddening and, frankly, dull.

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Lovely. Sarah Mayberry continues to be one of my favorite category writers.

I laughed, I cried - fantastic, as usual!

I will not explain myself! Haha

3.5/5 (B-)

4.5 stars

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