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Mortal Temptations (2009)

Mortal Temptations (2009)
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Mortal Temptations (2009)
Mortal Temptations (2009)

About book: Stars: 5Overall: This is what paranormal romances are all about. This books takes you on a wild adventure, while also giving you a lot of fun steamy "romantic" sex. I think my face stayed tomato red throughout the whole book because of all the erotic love scenes. Ms. James's way of writing had me wishing that i was Patricia or Rebecca or what matter, I'm not picky. I do have a few complaints about the book. 1. I wish that Andreas and Rebecca had more book time. I felt that their story was a fun one and i would've love to explore it. 2. I really wish that Nico would've talked to Patricia A LOT more because i think things could've been WAY different if he would've just opened up those beautiful lips. 3. Did they become mortal or immortal damn it! Characters: Patricia & Nico ; Becky & Andreas ( side romance )Page Turner: YES!!!Series Cont: YesRecommend: I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book I was disappointed in this book. It looked to be pretty interesting based on the blurb on the back cover, but I thought the book was mostly about the sex between the main characters and the plot suffered for it. I thought delays in the plot were used solely for the purpose of having Nico and Patricia, Andreas and Rebecca, Patricia, Nico and Andreas and Nico and Andreas have sex with each other in various combinations. I also didn't feel much sexual chemistry between Nico and Patricia and even less between Andreas and Rebecca. I also thought some of the dialogue was a bit too glib. In addition, I felt the introduction of Bes, a lesser Egyption god was used as a deus ex machina. He made it possible for everything to come out right in the end by his use of his powers. I thought this book was okay, but I thought the story kind of dragged. I wouldn't really recommend it unless you prefer your books with mostly sexual content and little plot.
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This book was def different and interesting all at the same time. I will def check out the next one.
Wish the plot had been developed more. It was a bit too much back-to-back smut.
I just couldn't get into this. The multiple partners kept throwing my off.
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