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Mother's Day Murder (2009)

Mother's Day Murder (2009)

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About book Mother's Day Murder (2009)

You know, the Leslie Meier series never have drop dead gorgeous prose, but when the author is on song, she makes it up with freshness. The cozy mystery genre is a tired and cramped market. The writer here regains her lost zest, resulting in this sterling book. The latter turned out very well, and part of the reason is that a lot of events happen, none of which feels out of place. The Stones' family nest is diminished in this book. It was still a rambunctious affair. Leslie Meier used up a lot of ink on the kidnapping, which was unsolved for much of the book, but which played a sort of supporting role, a chorus to the main theme of offenders and safety. Lucy Stone's daily routine was not so boring as a real person's. She always has something to do. Her part time job, her weekly reunion with old girlfriends, her affection for her grizzled husband and for her children fit well into this book. Her youngest child, Zoe was adorable, and will keep on being so until it will be her turn to be a freshman, I suppose. The murder, funnily enough is the weak point. The murderer and motive are both outlandish. Lucy Stone's involvement in trying to solve the murder, for once, didn't harry the culprit in panicking and giving himself away. The guilty party was just caught red handed in a fairly humdrum way. But that, plus the odd phrase or two - curing cancer, really? - don't dampen the good work of early chapters. One of the strongest 5/5 books I've read. I wish nothing but good for the Stone family, as even when they're not trying to save the world, they still retain their charm and interest. I liked Mothers' Day Murder by Leslie Meier except forthe entire "Sara" storyline - what a little creep, and a not very contrite creep, at that. I guess she's the black sheep of Lucy's four children. I don't like her character, at all . . . a deceitful, sullen, untrustworthy, shallow, rebellious jerk. Add stupid to that list: "You can't get drunk on beer." Her former best friend, Tommy Stanton, can do much better; she's a lousy friend (a pretty lousy daughter, too). That Sara was actually rewarded, after that illegal and potentially deadly stunt, by still being allowed to attend the prom (yup, with the same boneheaded delinquent that took her to the illegal bonfire/drinking party) was absolutely ridiculous. I had liked Bill and Lucy Stone up to that point.

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Not really a sleuthing book. More about the mean teenage girls.

One Lucy Stone is never enough - always a quick and fun read!!

I liked this book. It was interesting.

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