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Mr. Monk Is Cleaned Out (2010)

Mr. Monk is Cleaned Out (2010)

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0451230094 (ISBN13: 9780451230096)
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About book Mr. Monk Is Cleaned Out (2010)

In the midst of a financial crisis, the SFPD fires Adrian Monk as a consultant. Monk figures he can live off his savings for a while. Then Natalie learns that Monk invested his money some time ago with Bob Sebes, the charismatic leader of Reinier Investments, who's just been arrested on charges of orchestrating a massive $100 million fraud. All of Sebes' clients-including Monk-are completely wiped out.When the key witness in the government's case against Sebes is killed, Monk is convinced that Sebes did it, but the man has been under house arrest with a horde of paparazzi in front of his building 24/7. Monk may be broke, but he's got plenty of time on his hands to solve this latest mystery...It feels like the stories are getting a bit repetitive. This is the second time budget cutbacks have meant the Captain has to 'let Monk go' in the space of only a few books. While it works to fairly good effect both times, it smacks of running out of ideas. Are we starting to get too much of a good thing? *Shrug. Part of me says yes, yet I'm still reading. There is something compelling about Monk. And like Natalie, I'm starting to see the odd clues with, if not before, Monk. Which makes me feel kinda smart. I can live with that.On to the next.... Mr. Monk is very astute in many, many ways, but in other ways he lives with his head in the sand. So he is completely surprised to discover that he has invested his money is a massive Ponzi scheme and is completely broke. So is the city of San Francisco, meaning that the police department fires him as a consultant (again). His ever-resourceful assistant Natalie finds them several jobs, but Monk's phobias and OCD cause them to get fired time after time. And in the meanwhile, he is trying to solve the case (for free) of who is murdering witnesses in the case against Bob Sebes, the financial wizard who operated the Ponzi scheme that caused Monk to go broke. Another fun outing with Monk, Natalie, Stottlemeyer, and Disher (plus Monk's brother Ambrose makes a brief appearance). What I love the most is the development of Natalie's detecting skills and her continued resourcefulness in managing Monk.

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This is a very enjoyable book to read. It's funny and entertaining throughout.

His best book so far. I liked the changes in Natalie. You go girl!

it was a very funny and eventful book

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