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Mrs. Maddox (2000)

Mrs. Maddox (2000)

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About book Mrs. Maddox (2000)

“Wanting more”I was satisfied with the first book. I can’t get enough of it actually. Knowing that Jamie McGuire made a short story of Abby Abernathy and Travis Maddox after the wedding makes me thrilled but after reading it I was a bit disappointed. I like the story but I don’t like the scene selection. Why is it over the phone with America? Why it isn't more about the spending Valentines. McGuire just untold a very little about how they spent Valentines. She can do better than that. Why not the honeymoon stage? That would be fun reading it. But I like the way how affectionate Abby was. This made my senses awake for Abby’s affection to Travis. I had now appreciated it. While talking to America, I can sense her love to Travis, I can sense that she will no longer have tantrums, she will no longer leave, no longer pull over her feelings to Travis because she knows already that she belong to him. And he was her too.Better not to read it if you want your satisfaction. I think this was a cute update on the story of Travis and Abby . Furthermore , this book takes place a year after the conclusion of "Beautiful Disaster" on Valentines day. It provides the reader with a little peace of mind as to see where this couple is now. I have to say I wish it was longer (cant get enough of Travis!) It was a super quick read and didn't take me more than 10 minutes, although I am a relatively speedy reader. If you've read "Beautiful Disaster" it only makes sense to read this !.

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Wow, no I'm craving for a Travis Maddox in my life :'( This was beautiful and super sweet!

Loved this little snippet into their first valentines!!

Freaking awesome Short Story, Thank you Mrs. McGuire!


Short and sweet.

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