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Mrs Roosevelt Und Das Wunder Von Earl's Diner (2013)

Mrs Roosevelt und das Wunder von Earl's Diner (2013)

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About book Mrs Roosevelt Und Das Wunder Von Earl's Diner (2013)

A benign book about a trio of black women in southern Indiana who've been inseparable friends since high school and are now squarely in middle age. It doesn't seem like much of a plot at first. The telling of the current story and the high school past are interwoven. The narration changes from Odette to third person and back again; I couldn't quite grasp why/when the change happened. A lot of detail about what they wore, what they ate, what their clothes looked like. But finally in the end, there were some good lessons about not getting in the way of your own destiny (Barbara Jean reuniting with her white boyfriend from high school to see if they really were meant to be together) and the value of lifelong friends, even if they are imperfect.One of the things that's worth commenting on is that this book is written by a man. A bit surprising, but pretty well done. There weren't any places where it seemed that the author didn't get it. But there's a whole lot of cheating husbands in this book, more than I thought is representative of the general population. Friends since they were young, Odette, Clarice, and Barbara Jean face their sixties and numerous life changes in a small Indiana town. I listened to the audio-book, which may have made it harder to keep track of who was telling her part of the story, but I eventually got used to the voices. I also had some trouble with the chronology since the book gives back story a bit at a time, but this is an interesting look at middle-class , small-town African-American life.

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Very enjoyable; loved the characters; felt 'at home'.

Okay story of friends who take care of each other.

If you love Fannie Flagg, you'll love this book!

What a fun read!

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