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Ms. Marvel, #3: Side Entrance (2014)

Ms. Marvel, #3: Side Entrance (2014)
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Ms. Marvel, #3: Side Entrance (2014)
Ms. Marvel, #3: Side Entrance (2014)

About book: It's official, I'm following a comic series.I usually only read comics after they've been out for a minute, or at least they have some trades out (ten comic books bound together with a cardboard cover). But I'd heard a lot about these comics and I just couldn't wait! Ms. Marvel is Kamala Khan a Pakistani American teenager who's Muslim. It's awesome, you should read it (EXCEPT issue #2 is out of print, comics are different then books it turns out, so YOU might need to wait for the trade)! So, I'm getting a bit superhero-y at the moment - reading this, and Wonder Woman. And I have to say, just 1 issue of this kicks whole volumes of Wonder Woman's behind. Why? The writing. This is how you do it people! Last year I had Locke & Key and Rachel Rising to get excited about when new issues came out. I've still got RR of course, but I'm super pleased that I've now got this title filling the Locke & Key spot. It's a happy Wednesday when there's a new issue of Ms. Marvel!There's a lot to this story that reminds me of Spider-man. The high school setting, the coming-of-age/getting used to new powers = puberty metaphor, and the humour. Which is all a Good Thing. There's also a moment in this issue that reminded me of Alice in Wonderland, another Good Thing.Marvel should already be working on adapting this title into a film in a couple of years, it's that amazing.
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I'm liking this series to the point where it is getting hard to wait a month for each new issue.
Ms. Marvel gets shot and generally makes a mess of things.
That cliffhanger!
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