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Murder Of A Wedding Belle (2010)

Murder of a Wedding Belle (2010)

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0451229614 (ISBN13: 9780451229618)

About book Murder Of A Wedding Belle (2010)

This is a cute little series. This is only my 3rd one and I've read them entirely out of order, but I like them. There's nothing amazing about them, but the writing's good and all the little things add up. I like that Skye works WITH her boyfriend instead of being constantly chastised by him for getting herself into trouble like a meddlesome female like in other mystery series like this. I also like that she seems to be way more levelheaded than most of the heroines in other series of this ilk. Murder of a Wedding Belle (Scumble River Mystery, #12)Skye is asked to help arrange her cousin wedding. Her cousin is wealthy and has been living in California, she sends all her friends out to Scumble River for her wedding. Soon Skye is paired up with an arrogant wedding planner, no sooner does she (wedding planner) end up dead.Skye is on the scene to try and solve this murder. Light, fun fast paced who-done-it. I look forward to the next in the series.

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Okay, I think I'm done with this series because I am so bored with her relationship issues.

Love these light reads and being a mystery makes me like it more

Busy, busy Skye in this tale of a wedding gone wrong.

Easy little mysteries, good for the IPod.

Loved it.

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