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Must Love Black (2008)

Must Love Black (2008)

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1416949038 (ISBN13: 9781416949039)
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About book Must Love Black (2008)

Must Love Black is a book by Sarah McClymer and is a story about a ‘’goth’’ girl being a nanny for two twins. I enjoyed reading books about ”weird’ things so I though the cover of the book was weird enough and I though the cover was and would probably be interesting.Philippa is the nanny of Triste and Reinne for the summer. The twins wrote an ad that stated: “Must Love Black.” They paid good, had a huge house, and Philippa loved black. It was the job she was looking for she was not going to spend the summer with her dad and his new wife Krystal. Geoff, the gardener, was her summer crush, whom she was confused by. The twins dad’s assistant, Laurie, was in the way of Philippa and Geoff being together.But Philippa had also had other things on her mind besides the guy who already probably taken. The twins’ dad was too busy for them and never spent any quality time with them, especially after their mom died. With the twins being forced to have “fun” for the summer, but not being able to spend time with their dad and having to be out of the way of tourists, they found it hard to have fun. Philippa tried her best and didn’t give up, but the most important thing she wanted to do for them was get their dad to spend time more time with them. In the end, Philippa had loosened their dad and he spent more time with them and actually listened to them for once.I think it’s a pretty good book. It’s not the best I’ve read, but it’s realistic and what the characters experienced in the book is relateable and true-to-life. The ending was just okay, but atleast it made sense and followed upon what happened. Must love black was a nice book about getting over a loss and a nice romance story. Phillipa is getting over the depression of loosing her mother and having to deal with her father getting re married to a girl that she doesnt like. Through out this story Phillpa is trying to get away from her sad life so she pickes a baby sitting job that she found in the news paper and said" must of black". Phillip is not gothic but she wears black becasue its easier for her to pick out her outfits in the morning and not have to wrry about if she dirties it or not. She tookj the job in which she had to babysit two pre-teens. As she started to get to know then she found out the girls as well has lost there mother and so they grew a bound by doing things out the house to get there mind off of things.As the novel goes on phillipa falls in love and the story ends off with a 360 twist.

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it was a very well wrote book i will most likely read it again and again and again

i liked it but it left some questions unfinished

I loved it.

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