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My Fake Fiancé (story #1 From Wedding Flirts! 5 Romantic Short Stories) (2000)

My Fake Fiancé (story #1 from Wedding Flirts! 5 Romantic Short Stories) (2000)
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My Fake Fiancé (story #1 From Wedding...
My Fake Fiancé (story #1 From Wedding Flirts! 5 Romantic Short Stories) (2000)

About book: First book in the series that I've read. Cute & cheesy short story. I find Sam a it flighty, seeming to have no real ambition while Justin on the other hand, is a very hard working, responsible guy who plans to have a truck catering business of his own. He even really cared for & love his mother. Justin's attitude seems to have rub off Sam because she volunteered her "wedding money," which her mother bequeathed to her to Sam's business. In the end, they decided to end their "fake with benefits" relationship, get married & run the catering business together. A short story about a girl, Samantha, who is invited to a frenemy's wedding. Her roomie is cousin's with the groom, so Sam really feels she needs to go. She wants to come off as successful, so she hires a guy to pose as her rich, smart, Australian, fiancé. Justin's mom has been sick and wants to see her son happy, so he's hoping that Sam can return the favor.It was short, but cute. I liked how some of the potential "scenes" faded to black and there were no descriptions. I know the feeling of wanting to appear like things are great, but wondered why Sam really felt the need to go that overboard with someone she hasn't seen for years. Justin was a great sport to go along with it all.Content--language, innuendo, scenes that fade to black with no description, which technically would classify it as clean.
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Nice short free read... it was very light and predictable with very likeable and sweet H/h.
Really good, but quick. Less than 100 pages. Loved it though
Fun, very, very short read.
short, but very cute!
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