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My Kind Of Trouble (2012)

My Kind of Trouble (2012)

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Becky McGraw

About book My Kind Of Trouble (2012)

I really struggled with this book. The characters were childish, particularly Cassie and I found it overly long. A lot of wasted dialogue. The ranch was so short handed for staff so the Sheriff took vacation time to help out but nobody ever seemed to work at the damn ranch. Cassie took off to the lake for some sunbathing quickly followed by the Sheriff, Luke. They argue and she ends up breaking her ankle but that didn't seem to stop her from walking, driving and doing stuff at all. It was just such an unbelievable story with unbelievable and weak characters. I didn't think I'd be able to finish the book but I did make it to the end, although in all honesty I wonder why the hell I did. There are many more books in this series but I most certainly will not be reading them and it's most unlikely that I will ever read this author again. This story kept winding me deeper and deeper into the plot. Every time I thought it would wind down, something else would pop up to keep me glued to my seat. Luke and Cassie get a 2nd chance at love. It seemed there was trouble at every turn but their love brought them through them all. Becky McGraw did a wonderful job keeping you in your seat not wanting to put the book down. The story flowed from one incident to another. I felt their pain and their love. The ending had me in stitches. I can't wait to start the 2nd book in this series!

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My Kind Of Trouble is a good book it had me interested from the beginning to the end!!!!

**3.5 StarsLooking forward to reading the rest of the Texas Trouble series.

I read the entire series in 3 days. So great!!!!

ok 3.5

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