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My New Friend Is So Fun! (2014)

My New Friend Is So Fun! (2014)
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My New Friend Is So Fun! (2014)
My New Friend Is So Fun! (2014)

About book: ‘My New Friend Is So Fun!’ written and illustrated by Mo Willems, a three time winner of Caldecott Award, is new installment in ‘An Elephant and Piggie’ series that speaks about situation that is frequently encountered when due to the meeting of new friends we start less hanging out with older friends.Our old acquaintance Piggie has made a new friend, Brian Bat, while Elephant Gerald and Snake, Brian Bat's best friend are becoming worried they are going to be replaced as best friends.Hence Willems once again manages to speak in great style suitable for children about the subject of the involvement of new children in the circle of acquaintances, a situation which is sometimes emotionally difficult to handle for kids. In this book using two known charming characters and two new, equally cute, he teaches children how to deal with that situation.As someone who is for long time enjoying ‘An Elephant and Piggie’ series it was refreshing to see two new faces, beside already known and beloved Gerald and Piggie.Therefore ‘My New Friend Is So Fun!’ is Willems educational, but, as always, funny title that will be equally enjoyed by parents and their kids, starting from the age 5 and above.In its company you will spend lot of entertaining time reading aloud to your children or listen to them read to themselves, and therefore I can fully recommend this one, as all others children books in Willems opus. Mo Willems is a genius! Gerald and Piggie never fail to make me laugh. Gerald and Snake are innocently talking about how much fun their best friends Piggie and Brian Bat must be having such a great time. They keep getting more and more excited, until worry wart Gerald has the thought that they might not need them anymore. They get so worked up over this, they have to go tell Piggie and BB to stop. The text is perfect, but what really makes these books are the expressions on the character's faces. Simple, but hilarious all the same. Mo Willems is a genius!
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Another great Piggie and Gerald story that highlights once again their amazing friendship!
This series is always popular in my library. We love Elephant and Piggie books!
Fun to read! Great for beginning readers. Subject spot on for kids.
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