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My Own Miraculous (2013)

My Own Miraculous (2013)

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0062300539 (ISBN13: 9780062300539)
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About book My Own Miraculous (2013)

I had read one of Joshelyn Jackson's other books, Between, Georgia, and loved it. After reading this book, I will read them all. This short novel ended much too soon. However with these few words, every mother can relate. For every mother who has experienced her own miraculous child, we find within ourselves the courage and strength to deal with whatever miracle we were given. Shandi is an unwed mother, barely out of her teens and living with her own mother. She is shocked when her three-year-old son reads and solves a Rubik's cube. Suddenly Shandi must go from being a child herself to being a mother. This was a Kindle single. Ms. Jackson is one of my favorite authors. Her Between Georgia was a favorite audio book of mine. She has the uncanny ability to create memorable characters and to know where to place them in her story. I loved this short story, one of my favorites. I haven't read the book the character of Shandi originated in (Someone Else's Love Story) but soon will. Shandi was 17 when she gave birth Natty and this story takes place four years later. Just like all of us, her child is teaching her how to become a mother, and fast).Addition: see my review on Someone Else's Love Story. I was a bit disappointed in it and was so hoping I would love it.

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I liked this but would definitely recommend reading after Someone Else's Love Story and not before.

Too short, left me wanting for more of her witty writing.

good stuff, can't wait to read the next book

Excited to read the novel now!

compelling. creepy.

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