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My Sister's Song (2011)

My Sister's Song (2011)

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About book My Sister's Song (2011)

This is a short story written back in the day by the profilic Parasol Protectorate writer (how's that for alliteration).Set in ancient Roman times, it tells the tale of a warrior woman who comes up with an ingenious way of defending her village from the invading Roman legion.I liked it very much and highly recommend it!Disclaimer: I lived in Rome and studied there for a semester, so I'm partial to all things Roman. But if you enjoy ancient Rome, I think you'll enjoy this tale. You've got female warriors outsmarting Romans with bees! How could you not want to read this little story? Mithra is a warrior, while her younger sister is able to enchant bees with her beautiful voice. With their combined knowledge of human fallibility and the dangers of eating certain honey, the lesser troupes are able to easily destroy the larger Roman legion. Based on historical facts of Roman troops being poisoned in the first century BC under Pompey the Great when they were attacking the Heptakometes in Turkey, you can see how this story bridged the two worlds of Gail Carriger and made them one. In her first sold story you see the archaeologist in her. The history lover writing about a world that only exists in artifacts and dig sites. Here Gail has brought this once alive and now dead world back. We get to see through the eyes of Mithra a world long gone. Also, on a side note, it's nice to find out that Gail can write other great and compelling stories besides The Parasol Protectorate series... because I don't know what I'd do once those books end if she couldn't handle other genres and styles. A definite read for apiarists and lovers of Caesar.

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You've got to love such a clever, historical tale as this. Defeating the Romans for the win.

Interesting historically based short story from the roman time.

(Very) short story. Quick fun read from a fun author

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