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My Wicked Enemy (2008)

My Wicked Enemy (2008)

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About book My Wicked Enemy (2008)

At the beginning this was so promising! But then unfortunately it didn't carry it through to the whole book.I thought this was a unique spin on the whole demons and magic-users genre but the female character was so weak and allowed herself to be used by everyone - I don't really like weak characters. The magic use was quite confusing as to how peoples powers were channelled through others etc so I got a bit lost in some of these scenes.Unfortunately the sex scenes really didnt do it for me and again were a little confusing sometimes as there seemed to be mistakes in placement of the characters hands etc and you ended up not being able to picture exactly what was going on...I also didnt like the attic scene as it was so out the blue it was just really odd.I really didn't connect with the characters at all.So unfortunately for a storyline that I think could have been really promising, it just ended up being a below average read for me. I don't think I will continue the series. This book is not for the faint of heart.I'm serious. Carolyn does not hold back in this novel. The story itself is an adventure - your classic good versus evil with the slight problem that our Heroine, Carson, is supposed to be the badguy. Except she's not. Which confuses the heck out of Nikodemus. He's just a fiend trying to free his fellow fiends from the evil magekind.Whoa, wait a sec? Did I say that right? Yes, this is the backwards story to what we usually hear. The good mages try to lock down the eeeevil fiends and demons so that they don't hurt mankind. Carolyn flipped it around - the magekind are the badguys. Witches are evil. And fiends are just warrior breeds that happen to like the taste of blood and get very, very turned on by magic.I loved that this book is set in the San Francisco Bay Area. I knew where they were based on Carolyn's description, and seeing she is from this area, it's no surprise she was able to accurately describe just how one feels on the shady side of Oakland. Obscure references that will confuse some made me giggle. There are a ton of nerd/gamer geek references too - like pwn3d! Oh, Carolyn! I giggled out loud at that one, while at the same time saying "Wtf, mate?"The love scenes are steeeeeeeamy. But, unlike some paranormals that add a menage into the mix, Carolyn's is tasteful and you always get the sense that our H/H are the ones connecting, while the third party is just there vicariously sharing the experience. I definitely wished I had my man here afterwards - holy crap! Splashing my face with cold water will do the trick, however.Only now I can't wait to read the next one! *sigh* I'm a goner, for sure.

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had an interesting background, but just didn't 'catch' me...

it was cute like 3.5 but i'm going up

Not my type of paranormal cocktail.



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