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My Wicked Valentine (2013)

My Wicked Valentine (2013)
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My Wicked Valentine (2013)
My Wicked Valentine (2013)

About book: Isaac needs to hire an event planner, hoping it will help get him on the board of directors at Club Wicked, his BDSM club. As he interviews event planners, Lucia Roa comes for an interview. He is attracted to her and her innocence. He hires her and offers to teach her about BDSM so she knows how to plan the party. She is attracted to Isaac. She knows he is attracted to her. Each is always on the others mind but Isaac will not allow his heart to be involved. When it looks like Lucia will choose someone else, Isaac must determine if he will open his heart and follow it.I liked Isaac and Lucia. They were totally opposite personalities and, yet, a perfect fit. Lucia did not allow his fear to come between them. She always had a plan B. Isaac has to decide if he will allow his fear to determine his future or go after what he wants. I liked how the two of them worked with the BDSM to allow Lucia to discover her submissive side. The sex is hot. The characters were likable and believable. I fell in love with Isaac. I wanted to be Lucia. I cannot wait to read the rest of the series. I enjoyed this book, but just not as much as I anticipated.The book is about Lucia a party organiser who needs a decent event to keep her company financially viable. She's given a recommendation by a friend, to interview for a job at an exclusive private even. The boss Isaac falls for the lovely innocent Lucia ( kitten) from the outset. The club it turns out is a a BDSM club. She know nothing about BDSM, so Isaac decides to show her, but wants no commitment since he'd been so badly hurt by an ex wife.I found the storyline predictable, and so much like other books l've read.The sex was hot and interesting, and there were a few BDSM themes but this was not heavy and it's not a heavy take on this lifestyle. This was very light, and more of a love story, in fact the valentine event that the book is written about took a back step to the relationship and her introduction to the lifestyle.The interesting twist was the blackmail, but even that was short lived.I was just slightly disappointed in this book, but it was a enjoyable read.
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Was ok. Characters were good and storyline flowed well.
Cute, funny and a beautiful love story :-)
enjoyed cannot wait to read rest of series
Well 3.5
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