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Myrren's Gift (2006)

Myrren's Gift (2006)
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Myrren's Gift (2006)
Myrren's Gift (2006)

About book: I must start this review with the admission of not having read a classic fantasy tale for close to a decade. Obviously I don't claim, therefore, to be an expert judge of what makes a good fantasy novel, but with my plethora (make that a mountain) of recent books read and reviews written, I feel safe in saying that I know a good book when I read one. Myrren's Gift - Book One of The Quickening Trilogy - is one such book.Within a scattering of chapters in this exciting, character driven tale of witchcraft, civil warcraft, treachery, magic, love, friendship, hatred and adventure, I can see immediately how much fun I have been missing out on. The book begins with the destruction of stunningly beautiful young woman falsely accused and falsely proven to be a witch by the century old forces of tradition, intimidation and most dangerously of all, the evil intent of a desperate young prince who is super keen to take control of his ageing father’s much loved kingdom. Morgravia. An interesting transformation takes place at the point of death of young Myrren which is cleverly glossed over by Ms McIntosh. Time passes. Princes and their Commanders grow up and ageing Kings grow old. Power shifts take place and the reader’s consciousness is slowly but gradually taken over the world class story-telling abilities of the authoress. Sooner rather than later, chapters begin to fly by quicker than you can believe and the story soon becomes unsurprisingly addictive. The first pivotal moment of the book comes literally at the end of chapter eight when our hero, Wyl Thirsk, comes face to face with a blind seer who gives him - and the reader - not just a scare, but a very welcome reference and link to the wonder that was Myrren and the terrible sacrifice she was forced to pay for being cursed with different coloured eyes. The only negative claim against the book early on is the lack of dragons included in the story. I like dragons. I really, really, really like dragons. Given the fantastical nature of the book, however, and the immense talents of the creator of this amazing universe, I would not be surprised at what lurks just around the corner. Or just beyond the next hill, laying in wait to grab us by their immense talons and hold us safely and securely against her sword-proof, twelve-inch thick scaly chest as she exhales flames longer and taller than a medieval village. So in summary, MYRREN’S GIFT is a solid and very entertaining four star story, a hugely exciting start to what promises to be a memorable fantasy trilogy. BFN Greggorio!

It all began the day Wyl's father died, and Wyl was summoned to the capital to begin training to take his place. Still grieving for his father, trying to live up to his father's hopes, Wyl finds himself distinctly at odds with Prince Celimus, whom everyone had hoped would be as good a friend as the King was to Wyl's father. Celimus, however, possesses none of his father's kindness or compassion; only too late does his father realize what a monster will inherit the throne. But what's done is done, and the best they can hope for is that someone will end Celimus's reign as quickly as possible. Wyl, loyal to his country but not Celimus, is torn between his duty and his honor. Then he finds a moment of kindness to a girl burned as a witch has given him a gift that changes everything...Political intrigue, personal drama, powerful conflict---this book delivers in spades. Wyl can hardly forget Myrren's horrible trial and execution, but he has no idea of its impact on his life until much later. Her gift gives him a second chance to right the wrongs Celimus has inflicted on his family and his country. But the lies that come with it at once bring him close to the woman he loves and distances him from her.For all of its strengths, the book's first half is fairly predictable. Wyl is stubbornly noble, despite Celimus, and Celimus is ever the menace. Although both have good reason, it's a good thing when Wyl gets out from under Celimus's eye and has new enemies to confront. The prose can get a bit cluttered with "lied" tagging half the dialogue when Wyl talks; some lies were obvious and didn't need the tag, and the rest could have been better hinted than using "he lied" on every line of dialogue.It should be noted there are some rather strong depictions of torture in the beginning, during Myrren's trial, and a few graphic acts of violence later.Myrren's gift is interesting indeed, and the end of the book is at once amusing and suspenseful. Wyl's coming trials should be even more interesting than his current lot, as the ambitions of Celimus and the northern king Cailech collide. I rate this book Recommended.
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I first picked up this book in high school mainly just because I thought the cover looked interesting not even bothering to read the back of the book. After I read the prolog I wasn't sure if I'd be interested in this book simply because it seemed that it would be a plain and normal story like most books. I decided to continue and after the first chapter I became enthralled with the book and couldn't put it down. There were allot of things I didn't agree with at first but then I had to remind myself I was reading a fantasy book and u needed to keep an open mind. I rushed faster than I would like to admit through this book and it only left me wanting to know what would happen in the second book. My library didn't have it so I put it off and forgot about it. Recently I found the book again as if staring me in the face and begging to be bought for remembering how much I enjoyed it the first time. I bought the following books knowing I would not be contempt with just the first and had to have the series.Myrrens gift was by far a best read I have had in a long time. The details in every scene gave the perfect imagery of what was sculpted in the authors mind and put herself in that world personally and crafted the world to be easily seen through anyone's open mind. The characters are rich with emotions and detail and by no means dull. Right when you think something could go wrong or right, the path takes you on a choice you never could've thought to take and surprises you almost every time.I've re read this book at least twice now and still I'm amazed at how drawn in I was to such a peculiar book. I've let several friends burrow it and every time I always get great responses in wanting the next book in the series. This is the first book I've read by the author, but surely won't be the last. The only bad thing I can say is that if you don't have an open mind to a completely fictional book, and if you are one of those readers who feel titled to point out racism or sexism, or anything else offensive in today's society, don't read this book. The book is not based on empowering or lessening anything, or anyone, but created for those of open mind and truly love fantasy fiction. An absolute must read. -sag
This book is so bad that I started rewriting it before I even finished it. Which I have not yet. And have no intention of doing unless I run of material in the rewrite.Have some reasons why I had to leave a public space while reading it because I thought I was going to scream/throw up. This books hits a level of misogyny that I wasn't aware was possible given the writer is a woman. There is a moment of rape apologism (rape apology?) that made me want to puke. There is a systematic and state-condoned destruction of the disabled. The entire book is "rah rah white men boys club forever!" to the point where I started marking down points at which it would be more convenient/less annoying if the character just had sex and got it over with. There are really bizarre race politics that I don't know what to do with. And I'm only up to chapter fourteen. I will probably not go on. Aside from the above offenses, the writing sucks, the main character is boring as hell, the plot is contrived, and too much time is spent describing how attractive the men are.
READ IN DUTCH Read all my reviews on This is the first book in the Quickening Trilogy.I happened to read some other reviews before I started writing my own (which I rarely do), but honestly, I don't see why they are all so negative. I mean, this is far from the best book I've ever read but still I enjoyed reading it. (I've read tons of books I liked less).The story itself was quite interesting, although some of the plotlines make the story itself a bit easy, especially Myrren's gift,(view spoiler)[which makes he can't really be killed, but instead switches bodies with whoever tried to kill him. So the killer - if a good killer - dies. (hide spoiler)]
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