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Mystery (2011)

Mystery (2011)

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About book Mystery (2011)

I did not finish reading "Mystery." It is the first Jonathan Kellerman book that I have not completed, and I have read most of them.I found the book to be boring with no real substance; it is a pro-forma performance. Very template oriented writing. I don't know if this is an anomaly for Kellerman or if my tastes have made an abrupt change. I like a good thriller/killer as much as most readers but this one did not work for me. This novel isn't quite up to Mr. Kellerman's usual level. The story line is all right, but the parts about the aging, dying whore and her little boy seemed somewhat forced. It had nothing whatsoever to do with the story line (other than a couple of tips the dying woman gave), and it introduced language that could have been left out. It's almost as though someone at his publisher advised him to add some filth to it for whatever reason. The bits and pieces about the dying whore and her little boy seemed to be written in to add the "psychology flavor" to what use to be the key ingredient in Kellerman's Alex Delaware novels. However, it came through as being more like imitation flavoring rather than the "real deal", like imitation vanilla rather than vanilla bean.

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I love the Alex Delaware series! This one kept me interested from the start to the finish.

Kind of a hasty wrap-up but otherwise good. Always enjoy the Milo-Alex relationship.

Listened to audiobook with Jose on trip to Santa Cruz.

Very Good


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