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Myth Conceptions (2005)

Myth Conceptions (2005)

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Usually, when I read books that are part of a series, I prefer to start at the beginning. However, my wife picked this second volume of the author's Myth series up at our local flea market, and suggested that we read it together, so I did. While it makes some reference to previous events, and many of the characters have prior history with each other, it can be enjoyed well enough as a stand-alone.Set in another dimension where magic, or magik, as Asprin spells it here, (strictly of the incantational sort) operates, this is basically a lighthearted humorous fantasy romp, with no deep messages or symbolic themes. Our hero is Skeeve, a moderately able apprentice studying under Aahz, a demon (in Aspirin's fictional universe, as in Piers Anthony's Xanth, "demon" is simply a term for any member of various magical humanoid species, which aren't inherently evil and have no connection with Satan) who's a "magician," i.e., a sorcerer --but one who's lost his powers for the present. Early on, Skeeve manages to land a job as court magician in the kingdom of Possiltum --only to learn that he's expected to fend off an approaching invading army of invincible size. This, of course, lands the two in hot water (their usual situation, apparently :-)) of a potentially lethal sort; but given the humorous tone of the book, the reader doesn't have any doubt that they'll be able to pull through. The humor is wry and pseudo-cynical, a veneer over an essentially ethical and optimistic outlook; I don't recall laughing out loud, but I did enjoy the read. (For me, one of the more delightful parts was a visit to the "Yellow Crescent Inn" situated in an inter-dimensional bazaar frequented by inhabitants of various worlds, including ours. If you've ever thought the McDonald's chain --for which my wife happens to work :-)-- was getting to be really ubiquitous, you didn't know the half of it!)There are a variety of secondary characters here, ranging from Skeeve's lovable pet dragon, Gleep, to Possiltum's military commander, the appropriately named General Badaxe. One of the more interesting is a green-haired beauty named Tanda, who's taking time off from her jobs to help Skeeve and Aahz in their jeopardy. The author implies that one of her jobs, at times, is prostitution; but she doesn't behave lewdly here, and though Aspirin's humor can include some mild sexual innuendo, there's no sex (or bad language, either), in the book. Her principal occupation, though, is contract killing --which would make it a real challenge to make her even remotely likable! Surprisingly, Aspirin pulls that off (helped greatly by the fact, of course, that he doesn't depict her at work); she comes across as a loyal friend, and a person with integrity, a sense of responsibility, and a basically kind heart. How she balances those qualities with the demands of her line of work would make an interesting character study, which Asprin doesn't really attempt (as noted above, this isn't a deep work). But he does hint at it when Tanda refuses Skeeve's suggestion that she kill the officers of the invading army; assassins, she says, only take on contracts in personal feuds, never as a part of a war. In her world, the Assassins Guild is a recognized (and, apparently, perfectly legal) professional body with a code of ethics that she takes seriously; she seems to see herself essentially as an honorable, rule-bound professional --a stance that doesn't evoke approval, but can evoke respect.I've never run across any other volumes of the Myth series in any of the venues where I usually purchase books. But if I did find one, I'd snap it up! If you enjoy humorous fantasy, this book would probably be right up your alley.

Myth Conceptions, the second book in the adventures of the apprentice magician Skeeve and the demon Aahz, doesn't disappoint. The blend of comedy and fantasy makes for a light-hearted and entertaining read. Oh, the trouble these two get themselves into!From the opening line, Asprin had me laughing: "Of all the various unpleasant ways to be aroused from a sound sleep, one of the worst is the noise of a dragon and a unicorn playing tag."What's supposed to be a cushy position as Court Magician, leads to Skeeve and Aahz facing down an unstoppable and formidable invading army. The ragtag force Skeeve assembles to help in this campaign looks positively abysmal: Brockhurst, an Imp they out-smarted in their last adventure, Gus, the shy stone Gargoyle who totes around a salamander named Berfert, and Ajax the aged archer from Archiah. Add in Tanda and Aahz, and the company doesn't look much better. How can this small group hope to defeat the advancing army of the Empire?But what they lack in numbers, this crew makes up in ingenuity, guile and perseverance, as well as a lot of luck. And of course, some help from a very determined baby dragon (I just love Gleep-he's the cutest thing).This is another fun romp, filled this time with lots of action, and a few new cunning characters to add even more amusement to Asprin's diverse world. I look forward to the next mess Skeeve and Aahz find themselves in!

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Myth Conceptions, book two in Robert Asprin’s Myth series, is just as fun as the first. Skeeve (with plenty of help from Aahz) finds himself the court magician of the kingdom of Possiltum, only to discover that means fighting the biggest army Klah has ever seen. Some familiar faces show up in this volume, adding more fun to the mix. I love the made up quotes Asprin puts at the beginning of each chapter as they are hilarious! For example, “Life is a series of rude awakenings,” attributed to Rip Van Winkle. See? Told you they’re hilarious. This is a quick read and totally entertaining. I can’t wait to read more!
—East Bay J

This is the second book in Robert Asprin's lighthearted and fun Myth series of fantasy books. It delivered much the same as the first book. Witty dialogue, action, magic, and likable characters.Skeeve is invited to try out for the position of court magician by his master Aahz, who claims it will be an easy job. It's not of course, and before long Skeeve finds himself having to defend the whole kingdom against a massive invading army with only the few magical tricks he has mastered so far. Lucky for him some familiar faces from the first book join his fight along with a few new friends. This was a quick and very enjoyable read.Rating: 3.5 stars. Audio Note: Jeff Woodman again delivers a fantastic performance.

The second book in Robert Asprin's MYTH Adventures starts off a year or so after the events of the first book. Our heroes are hiding out at an abandoned inn with Skeeve's magic skills progressing along despite Aahz's sometimes questionable teaching methods. This time Skeeve is invited to interview for the position of Court Magician at the small kingdom of Possiltum. Spurred on by Aahz he heads off to win the position only to discover that he must now defeat an invading army which is larger that the borders of the country.Asprin brings back some much loved characters from the previous book and introduces a few others who promise to become great favourites if they return again. The sheer luck that Skeeve seems to have as he's somehow constantly falling into trouble is more amusing than annoying. Also priceless are the little quotes at the start of each chapter, snarky little comments to historical figures.
—Keziah Wallis

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