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Nekromant Johannes Cabal (2011)

Nekromant Johannes Cabal (2011)

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About book Nekromant Johannes Cabal (2011)

I LOVE the prose and the dry humor in this book. It's definitely a "reader's read," but it's so worth it. Cabal is smart and witty, which makes you almost overlook some of his horrific, self-serving actions. I'm currently reading the second one, and I am missing some of the other characters that are in the first book. I sometimes wish Cabal would "show off" a little with his necromancy skills to keep the drama up, but his personality makes up for it. Well i take this book as being a sort of misguided story. On one note we have the flesh out characters but on the other the sometimes slow pacing and sometimes flash forward story. When i started reading and the tone and the writing of the book really caught my attention. The necromancer is a amusing and enticing character than one wants to know more. But there is not much world building. No explanations on where to put the story. And then the premise of the story is resolved on intervals. It does not flow as easy as one would expect. And the pay off it comes quite cheap. But i recommend this book because the writing and the dark humor is marvelous.

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I loved this book - it was awesome - am now moving on to the second book featuring this character!

This was a delightfully imaginative read! I can't wait to read the next one :D

Very funny, very clever.

This book was great fun!

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