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Never Judge A Lady By Her Cover (2014)

Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover (2014)

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0062068512 (ISBN13: 9780062068514)

About book Never Judge A Lady By Her Cover (2014)

I'm torn between 3 and 4 stars. I liked these characters and the way previous books' protagonists were incorporated into the story, but there were a few typos that made it feel like the editorial process was rushed. Also, the climactic scene of the book reminded me a lot of Dead Poets Society and felt a little forced. I still love this author and am looking forward to another spinoff series, so I settled on 4 stars. SPOILERS!!! SPOILERS!!!*sigh* I so badly wanted to love this book..I had waited (impatiently) for what felt like forever to read this conclusion and I feel somewhat...robbed. I was expecting Chase the powerful, controlled, brilliant strategist to make an appearance. Silly of me. What I got was simpering and boring. I don't even think we got Georgiana from previous books...the 16 yr old mother who went toe to toe with the duke of disdain and came out the winner... This book had so much potential! Is it just me or did these characters seem wasted? Alright I started this book and was instantly confused, Georgiana/Chase/Anna cut from society for having a bastard child at 16 has built an empire, a gaming hell she has all the power, holds the tons secrets in her hands and can ruin them all in an instant. So what does she do? She decides to join the very ppl who snubbed her and her daughter...seems legit right. All so her daughter can possibly maybe want to marry into the world she hates so much. Ok. You would think though someone so set to reenter the ranks would have a care for her reputation but no ,Georgiana who has spent years guarding secrets and masquerading as so many different ppl.. goes from ball to gaming hell...what? And the sharp investigative newspaper man who has offered Georgiana help landing a title had unknowingly been pining after Anna the renowned prostitute and Chases gopher who is really Georgiana who is also chase...confused yet? How did he miss this I wonder...anyway after discovering she and Anna are one in the same he changes his offer of help to a trade redemption and her choice husband for his enemy's secrets...all the while thinking Georgina/Anna is Chases mistreated mistress. Oh and the Insta-Love. Georgiana so guarded and wise to men falls quickly and deeply in lust/love with Duncan west the not too sharp newspaper man. I just got unbelievably bored with the web of lies and mistrust over and over I'd have rather read about these two as the most powerful man and woman team protecting each other's secrets. None of those annoyances comes close to Georgiana seriously considering to out a gay man unless he agrees to marry her or for her and Duncan's agreement to have an affair until she was married... Seriously is it just me or did we only get a glimpse of petty intrigue when what I expected was cloak and dagger powerful players... Oh well two stars because I liked Caroline adorably precocious

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Can I give this more than 5 stars? Please? An amazing ending to an amazing series.

Loved the conclusion to the series.

slow moving book, and quite boring.



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