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Never Stay Past Midnight (2012)

Never Stay Past Midnight (2012)

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About book Never Stay Past Midnight (2012)

I was lucky enough to win this book from a giveaway run by Mills & Boon. I admit that I’ve never actually read a Mills & Boon book but I have heard lots about them so I was definitely intrigued.The prologue was interesting, it was refreshing to see the shoe on the other foot – the woman running out and leaving the man after a passionate evening – this fact alone made it different to other books that I’ve read.The storyline featured lots of sexual scenes throughout the first half and unfortunately I felt that it kind of overwhelmed this side of the book. The second half contained much more details about Elise and Levi’s pasts and it was only then that I began to feel connected to them – I wish that this information had come sooner.I loved Bruno the Great Dane, he reminded me of my own big drooly dog and I could totally relate to the madness of taking an oversized dog on a walk (or would that be him taking me?). The storyline also touched on more sensitive subjects such as Alzheimer’s and alcoholism, I thought that this part was written well and successfully highlighted the effects that these illnesses had on the person’s family.There were times when I found it a little hard to follow and I would have to go back and reread parts until they made sense, this wasn’t a major problem but it did interrupt my reading on more than one occasion.This was a quick one-day read which had a few little irritations but was generally enjoyable. I really enjoyed this one, more than I thought I would, to be honest. Both Elise and Levi were normal folks, with pretty normal problems, which was a really nice change from some of the heroes and heroines I've read about recently.The sex is super-hot, but even more compelling was the emotional component. I *felt* the emotions of these characters, ached for them, laughed with them. Moreso than any book I've read recently, so I'll definitely be looking for more of Kelly's books.My only quibble was with the Epilogue, which I felt was kinda cheesy, given the really contemporary tone of the book, and the introduction of characters from seemingly out of nowhere. But those are pretty minor, and didn't really detract from the overall excellence of the book.

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It didn't take me long to start and finish this story. It held my interest and kept me reading

Miniseries: For One Night Only?Category: Classic Romance

Miniseries: For One Night Only?Category: Classic Romance

Im not into the plot

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