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Never Trust A Dead Man (2001)

Never Trust a Dead Man (2001)
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Never Trust A Dead Man (2001)
Never Trust A Dead Man (2001)

About book: Selwyn, seorang pemuda tujuh belas tahun, baru saja putus dari kekasihnya. Anora, nama sang mantan kekasih, lebih memilik Farold yang lebih kaya. Selwyn baru saja meratapi nasib malangnya akibat dicampakkan sang mantan kekasih dan dipermalukan Farold, ketika warga Penryth menuduhnya telah membunuh Farold. Ya, Farold tewas terbunuh dengan luka tusuk di punggung, dan entah mengapa pisau Selwynlah yang ada di tempat kejadian perkara.Karena semua bukti mengarah ke Selwyn, warga Penryth menghukumnya dengan mengurung Selwyn dalam gua kuburan massal agar ia mati pelan-pelan. Di tengah keputusasaan Selwyn karena kelaparan dan ketakutan, tiba-tiba Elswyth, seorang penyihir, muncul di sana. Dengan kekuatan sihir Elswyth, Selwyn bisa keluar dari gua itu dan Farold bisa hidup kembali dengan wujud seekor kelelawar (sebenarnya ada sedikit kesalahan teknis sampai-sampai Farold hidup dengan wujud kelelawar). Dimulailah petualangan mereka untuk mencari pembunuh Farold sebenarnya.Semula Selwyn menyamar menjadi seorang pengembara, tetapi karena tak kunjung membuahkan hasil, ia akhirnya meminta Elswyth untuk mengubah wujudnya menjadi Kendra, anak pemilik kafe di Penryth. Dan, oh, dengan sangat mengejutkan Selwyn menemukan ada banyak sekali orang yang diuntungkan atas kematian Farold. Ia mencurigai banyak orang yang mungkin membunuh Farold!Jadi sekarang, siapa pembunuh Farold?Mampukan Selwyn membela diri?baca review selengkapnya di

What if you were accused of a murder that you didn't commit? That is what happens to Selwyn in Never Trust a Dead Man. Selwyn, a young farmer, wanted to marry the beutiful and kind Anora, but she chooses Farold, the nephew of the rich miller. When Farold is killed a few weeks later, everybody in the village is sure that Selwyn did it. Their solution: seal Selwyn in with Farold's body. Selwyn is sure that he'll die, until he meets a witch that rescues him and helps him try to discover who actually killed Farold. The more that Selwyn investigates, the more people that he discovers that would be willing to kill Farold. Who is the real murderer and why did he or she kill him?I really enjoyed this book. The interaction between Selwyn and the other characters, especially with Farold and the witch Elswyth. The plot was really good. The murderer at the end surprised me, but was believable. Overall, a great book.
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Selwyn, a simple farmer, who’s trying to get on with life after his romantic interest, Anora, turned him down for arrogant, rich Farold. It’s all good until Farold turns up murdered with Selwyn’s knife in his back. Selwyn knows he didn’t do it, but the villagers don’t see it that way. Their punishment, lock the murderer up with the murdered. So Selwyn finds himself stuck in the burial cave with only corpses, bats, and his thoughts for company. Until the witch, Elswyth wanders in, needing potion ingredients from a dead man. After trading a year of servitude to Elswyth for the way out, Selwyn then wants to clear his name. Who better to find the murderer then Farold himself, thus through a series of events and more years of servitude to Elswyth Selwyn finds himself with his least favorite person Farold in the form of a bat, a disguise and seven days to find out who killed Farold before working for Elswyth.A really fun mystery. The only thing you know for sure is that Selwyn didn’t do it, as more and more suspects line up. It’s a quick, easy read, and really no complaints about it.
This book is the reason I started reading Vivian Vande Velde. I've always hoped to find another just as good as this. Some of her other books are very good too, but none as richly entertaining as this. It's been more than 10 years since I first read this book, long enough to forget the major plot points (except for the bat). It's still as captivating as ever. The only part I wasn't entirely satisfied with was the reason for the murder. But it's also part of what makes it so subtly brilliant. You would never have expected it. This is Vivian Vande Velde's finest work thus far.
Honestly I didn't really like this book. It was about a young man who is buried alive the Village Burial Cave. A witch comes along and raises the dead person back to life so that the accused can find out who murdered the dead person. Problem was is that the only likable character was Selwyn, the accused. I guess you could like the witch, but she was almost a cliche character. The rest of them were like that as well. There were the two quarreling boys over a girl, the girl who couldn't make up her mind, the power hungry town mayor, the tavern family, and the guy who just wants the money and the girl. Discovering the murderer, was too quick for my taste. It could be a good book if it had just a bit more development, I think.
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