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Nice Girls Don't Date Dead Men (2009)

Nice Girls Don't Date Dead Men (2009)

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About book Nice Girls Don't Date Dead Men (2009)

Okay so far this might be my favorite out of the series. I was laughing so hard at one point I was crying. My kids thought I was upset but i was just laughing that hard.. I was laughing through out the whole books. There was a lot of Laughing until your belly hurts humor and some very nice touching scenes. I really can not wait to get my hands on the next book. And I am going to make a point to read anything else Molly Harper has out. I really like her characters and her humor.. I really enjoyed this instalment in the series! Things are getting tense between Jane and Gabriel with Gabriel away a lot and not telling Jane where he's going or what he's doing. She's also being propositioned by a high school crush and not telling Gabriel about it plus she's not really discouraging her crush either at first.Things are also tense with Zeb and Jolene due to interference from Mama Ginger and 'playful' hazing from Jolene's family. Mama Ginger is quite obsessed with her belief that Zeb and Jane should be together and is quite hilarious at times with her antics (of course Jane, Zeb, Jolene and Gabriel don't find them too funny!). I also found it very amusing when we discovered what Dick' vampiric gift is! There's further drama from Jane's family too as things escalate slightly between her and her sister and Grandma Ruthie (who has a new 'fiance' who's not what he seems). We also learn about Mr. Wainwrights family origins which are a little surprising!I'm starting the next in the series now!

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Just as funny and charming as the first book!

Review to come 1/5/14

Very enjoyable!

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