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Nice Is Just A Place In France: How To Win At Basically Everything (2013)

Nice is Just a Place in France: How to Win at Basically Everything (2013)

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About book Nice Is Just A Place In France: How To Win At Basically Everything (2013)

Don't be fooled by the 4-star rating, I hated this book, it left me with an acrid aftertaste, like vom.Precisely because it is so totally well written and designed. Like a really good website, with an ADD layout like Usa Today."Nice" is a scathing multimedia indictment of our sexist caste society — whether intended that way or earnestly aiming to advise privileged girls on how to game our fucked-up system. (By privileged, I mean like rich, white, pretty, and groomed to become alpha females in a Chimp world, as opposed to a Bonobo world)."It is important to remember that everyone, even fat and poor people, have something decent about them to be complimented... the key is to find [it] and exploit it to our benefit."The chapter on college includes tips on how to chose your curriculum (no courses in the morning, and nothing in Gender Studies, the prof is probs a butch femi-fascist who's gonna flunk you for being pretty), and how to work just enough to get passing grades (the point of college isn't to learn anything, just to 've been there). The whole book is in that vein.Ok, need like one more proof? The 14th of Feb is for flosers: "Let the fattie next door down chocolates and semen" — giving head is a means to an end, you see, a transaction, better keep tabs...)Throughout the book, there isn't any hint of irony, or any trace of humor, compassion, or any feeling actually; then in the last chapter, the authors let the mask slip a little bit:This "... isn't about being happy. This is about ruling your world. It's about being the most desired, powerful, manipulative woman you can be. ...Many people will hate you. Why shouldn't they? You only look out for yourself, you're hotter than them, you know you're better than them. Do they envy you for being happier? No. Because you're not — that's just not part of the fucking deal."This book is fugly, cynical, bitter, angry. The last word of the last page is "rage", nuff said?Wonder if we must expect a sequel in like 20 years ( From the creators of the popular blog, comes a WOW yikes but sure to give you some interesting insight…There is plenty laugh out loud or sheer chuckling moments in this book.This book may not be for everyone (just like the website). If you are one of those easily offended types, just go find another book … The book does have adult language (cursing…), crude remarks and other things. I came across BetchesLoveThis Blog one day and have enjoyed stopping by once in a while to see the different things they post.

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This book was so far from reality I couldn't even bring myself to finish it.

Really not a good book. It's pretty dumb and not what I expected.... Oh well

I thought it would be funnier.......

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