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Nico (2000)

Nico (2000)

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I have mixed feelings about this book and, even weeks after finishing it, it’s still difficult to pinpoint exactly why. I really loved Nico with his tough tattoo artist exterior and his caring, kind soul. I liked the secondary characters and how they added depth to the story. The writing was great and the plot had enough substance to make me keep reading late into the night. So…what is it about this book that keeps me from giving it a 5 star rating?I think that, for me, it was that the story is fairly predictable…not in a “I can’t possibly continue this book” way, but in a “oh, I see what this will end up being” way. And that’s not a horrible thing. I don’t want you to think that it turned me off in any way, it just was anti-climactic for me when what I was expecting actually came to pass. I guess I understood what would happen too early in the story…maybe that’s it. And, since I knew where it was going, waiting for it felt a bit slow going at times.Anyway, don’t let that stop you from reading this book. It’s the third in a series but you don’t have to read the others to enjoy this one. I think you’ll fall in love with Nico like I did because of his kind heart and how he deals with the world around him. You’ll love his determination to help others and his desire to be more than he is. I think you’ll love his parents and all his friends and how they feel real, even when some of them are not the types of people you may have in your life. I know you’ll enjoy the love story that builds slowly and surely and that is both sweet and hot. I guess, ultimately, I think you’ll enjoy this book like I did…maybe you’ll even love it!! What a wonderful story. It was inspirational. Nico is a guy that we meet in the first two books in this series Inky and Cole. He tattoos girls that has a traumatic event in their lives and want to grab hold of there future's and own it. Nico gives them that. The girls tell him their story amd he gives them a tattoo that represents the pain.The book starts getting to know how Nico operates.It is told in his POV and I loved being inside of his head every second He is living life on autopilot. He drinks and has sex to numb the pain of having to deal with all of his 'birds' problems. He is also gun up o this girl he meet when he was 7. He had a connection with her and he has been going through life not having that connection every again until he meets Lark. She brings about something in him that has been buried forever.I like that this book just didn't have Nico finding a girl and changing his ways for her. I loved that he changed and became a better him before he meet a girl.I dont like to give away stories so I won't but I will say that this book is inspirational. The whole series will stick with you long after you have read it. Nico is emotional and strong, and you will fall in love with him the moment tou start reading it. A one point i didnt know where the book was taking me cause it took so long for something to happen in his life, but when something happened I had to find a quiet corner and finish.I want another story with Nico and Lark. We already knew Lark's story but I wanted to know about her. She was also strong and held her own. MUST READ! !!

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It's really a three and a half star book. Not as good as inky and cole!!!!!!!!!!

WOW... loved it too.. I want more books from this authorReview to come

This book was a fantastic read to a fantastic series.

Read the whole series in about 4 days. Loved it!

My favorite of the three. I love that cover.

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