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Night Angel The Complete Trilogy (2012)

Night Angel The Complete Trilogy (2012)

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About book Night Angel The Complete Trilogy (2012)

One of my friends recommended this book to me after he had read the first book. I began reading it and I am not going to lie, the first few chapters were pretty rough to get through due to the graphic nature and depiction of youth gangs in a corrupt and incredible impoverished setting. That being said once past the rough beginning the book gripped me and didn't let go until I had read all three books in the series. The main character is the bad guy you love to love because deep down he is the very soul of a hero, he just chose the wrong profession; assassination. His eventual mentor is the assassin to end all other assassins and confounds you in an ever increasing amount of awe. The supporting characters are well developed and the plot line is truly epic. I would recommend this book sparingly only due to its sometimes graphic nature(mostly violence), but as an adult reader I loved it and would recommend it to any adult reader. In Brent Weeks I believe I may have found the 21st century's C.S. Lewis or J.R.R. Tolkien. The Night Angel Trilogy is not only a page-turner of a magic-and-action-filled fantasy, but it is also multi-layered master work with complex characters and interwoven plot lines. Weeks has created a detailed and multicultural world in Midcryu with disparate languages and traditions clashing in political intrigue and battle. Although a level of allegory may be found within its pages, Weeks' Night Angel Trilogy avoids the inherent pitfalls of cardboard characters--and the subsequent dangers hitting readers over the head with them. The Night Angel Trilogy does not include a one dimensional character, or indeed any character that is not in some way flawed; thus, the fantasy is painted with the brush of reality.In sum, I would recommend the book to fans of fantasy, political intrigue and battles, and good old well-written prose.

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I really enjoyed this series, even though some of it was quite derivative.

Series gets better as it goes along. Dark. Love his character development.

Loved them. I was hooked from the minute I read the acknowledgements.

Kiel wants in hardcover.

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