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Night Broken (2014)

Night Broken (2014)
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Night Broken (2014)
Night Broken (2014)

About book: Mercy and AdamI love this couple; they're everything to each other. Able to cope with most anything thrown their way and with their paranormal abilities "everything" gets thrown at them!We get to experience Christy, Adam's Ex. (Major Manipulative Bitch) whoa! she's hard to live with!Coyote visits as well as a Volcano God that wants Christy. I did wish everyone had saved themselves grief and just given her to the Crazy Volcano God but then we wouldn't have this story where Mercy saves the day. My Review:Once again, I loved this book, BUT...and this is a big but...I also had major issues with this one. Luckily it was so strong in other areas that it helped to negate those awful things, but *gah*....this book definitely has some serious love/hate issues going for me. So let's concentrate on the positives first...*Mercy...omg, Mercy is always a huge plus in these books, but in this one she was outstanding. She is so strong and honestly just good...she always puts the benefit of others above her own and that is so upfront and center throughout most of this book. She rocks and continues to just get better and better and better throughout the series. *Jesse...the only other person besides Mercy that could see what Christy was doing. And out of all of them, she was the one I could have forgiven for overlooking her mother's flaws. I loved that Jesse recognized the issue and stood up for Mercy and took Mercy's side over and over again. *, I did not see that badassery coming. And I loved it...YES!! Tell me, please Patricia Briggs, that Tad is going to get a spin-off series. That would so totally rock!!*Honey...LOVED her. I love her honesty even with Mercy who she really doesn't like. She's badass herself and is proving to be an ally for Mercy...who would have seen that coming?*Mercy and Adam together...despite the description I like that their relationship never really was in jeopardy because of Christy. That doesn't change that Adam is also a negative in this story. But overall, together they had some incredibly sweet...and even sexy...moments. I liked that a lot. The negatives...*Christy...okay, she's supposed to be a negative so mission accomplished, but ugh. My main issue with her though was in the way that everyone else responded to her. *Adam...this is where this book totally failed in my opinion. Adam is a stong, alpha who knows his own mind. I can't imagine that has changed so much over the years. How the hell am I supposed to ever believe that he would have gone for someone like Christy? I don't care how good of a manipulator she is. By writing that he fell in love with her, it takes his character down so many notches in my regard for him. And then in this story, he turned a blind eye to what she was doing which ultimately put Mercy in danger. No, just no. This is not the Adam I've fallen in love with in the other 7 books. *The some point, Mercy needs to be accepted. She has sacrificed over and over and over again. And they still have issues with her. I can't accept that. They don't deserve her. And then there is the whole story line in this about Christy's stalker. I can't decide if this is a love or hate issue for me because I really never understood his motives. Why Christy? I understood her attraction for him, but that really never explained the reasons behind his actions/obsession. Somehow it just didn't quite connect for me. But I did love the walking stick side of the story and I love that stick...LOL. It keeps me giggling when it shows up. It's definitely an unusual and fun piece of narrative happening in the story to keep it fun.
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I LOVE these books. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.
Loved it! Missed Mercy a lot.....
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