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Night Huntress (2009)

Night Huntress (2009)

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okay I cant help it. Delilah's books are my least favorites. Mainly because of Chase. I cant stand him. From his intro to this book, I smell DOUCHE basically and this book really proved it and the fact she took him back .She has so much potential, with her tabby shifter side and her panther side, and with the Death Maiden journey. Meeting the Autumn Lord was soooo intriguing, and his notion for the future. Zach I adore, especially his chemistry with Delilah.The introduction of her sister was fabulous as well. I'm really enjoying this series, it brings back the old days for me, when my girlfriends and I watched Charmed every week. I just have a couple gripes, but I'll admit they aren't keeping me from continuing to read these books. The first one is the over use of the expression "lucked out". Not only is it used too much but too many characters use it which to me makes them seem to have less of an individual voice. I also think it's a little weird how whoever is the narrator for the book is somehow the one in charge and just orders everyone else around. I don't know, it just doesn't feel very natural. Also, and this is the big one, what is the deal with the crazy fae lessons in the middle of an action scene? This happened in other books but this one really ran wild with it. Spoiler Warning! Like in the scene where they're scoping out the house with the demon flies they all just stop, without ensuring they were in any way secure, and get into it about various netherworld creatures. Seriously, if I were the bad guys I'd just take them out while they were having a lesson in the hallway. I think the author wanted us, the reader, to know the information they were dispensing, but there just had to be a better way to do that. I mean they were sitting there talking about their plan of attack in possible hearing distance of the enemy. And then they did it again in the cave later on. Poor planning. I think the author did something similar when they were in the Darkenwyrd (spelling?) forest, at one point Delilah tells everyone to be careful and warns them about how dangerous the forest is. When I read it, I was like ok, first you're on the way out of the forest now, so it seems a little late to be saying this, plus she's surrounded by more experienced individuals so the idea that she needs to warn them about anything is ridiculous. The only conclusion I can draw is that the author wanted me to know this (in case I hadn't gotten it already by all the previous discussion of how dangerous the forest was) so she had Delilah point it out, not cool. I did really still enjoy the book though.

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love the writing style and pace of this book

DelilahRead 5th July 2011

Great book loved it !!

loved it


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