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Night World Series: Strange Fate (2013)

Night World Series: Strange Fate (2013)
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Night World Series: Strange Fate (2013)
Night World Series: Strange Fate (2013)

About book: I haven't waited as long as others, but seriously, just finish writting the book! Soooo many excuses, and now their will be a fanfiction on amazon from the vampire diaries before the book even has an official release date that will stick! well....that is unless barnes and nobles date of 2030 is correct :D I also have a pretty good memory and I can scarcly recall what the previous books were about -_- by the time the book is written, we'd have to pick up the earlier 9 books to reread just to refresh our memory on what they were about :/ October 31, 2013 Update Uhm hello? come out already!October 18, 2014 UpdateLol. It's all those hot blooded, perverted bxtches' fault! LJ Smith is punishing us all because they like Vamp. Diaries tv series too much (I watched one episode, I didn't pursue it anymore when it strayed from the original actual events like already in 1st ep hehe. the Secret Circle tv drama was a let down as well, the guys werent that hot and I wasnt the only one who didnt like the changes, obviously?). Lol. Is this book ever coming out? I'll update this review every year. I know a lot of people have been waiting for almost 18 years (me, 3-4 years?) for this to get published and that's very funny. *w*So.... I'm not really that looking forward, I am a huge fan of Forbidden Game and I want her to finish Rematch first. Hahahahahah. XP
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I've been waiting since 1998 when it should have came out. I might be dead if they even decide to send it out.
I am very disappointed, I can't believe that I started a series with an author who doesn't finish it. I will NEVER start another series written by L.J Smith that isn't already fully published. I will tell everyone not to read anything by L.J Smith, unless they like never knowing what happens. The ENITRE series builds up to this last book, and then, its never published.
Been waiting for this book for ages!!!! What's taken you so long LJ? Uggggh
I get the feeling that I'll never be able to read this in my lifetime..
Sooooo long to be out! I cant wait to grab my hands on this book! ;)
will this book ever come out? I've honestly just given up ...
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