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Nightwoods (2011)

Nightwoods (2011)

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140006709X (ISBN13: 9781400067091)
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About book Nightwoods (2011)

Nightwoods grabs you from the beginning and holds you in place until the book is finished.Charles Frazier's style of writing makes you feel like you are there, in this novel Luce a caregiver of an abandoned resort has inherited the children of her murdered sister, living as an outcast from the community she takes on the task of raising her neice and nephew, who have suffered the trauma of watching their mothers murder, while the murderer imbeds himself in the community attempting to get at the children.Without giving the whole story away, I'll simply say this is a must read. Luce is living her lonely life, avoiding people after she is raped on her job as a telephone operator. She is told by the sheriff that no one will believe her so she should forget rape and move on with her life. When she is given her twin niece and nephew after the murder of his sister by her sister's husband, she must try to connect with them. Both seem to have emotional problems from abuse by their mother's husband which caused the murder. Luce starts to connect with her neighbor and a former boyfriend. When the children run away, Luce and the town search for them in the woods. Interesting story of a people that has emotional problems coming together to create a family.

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Enjoyed it but didn't love it. I listened to this one and the narrator was really good.

Lovely use of words. never a boring moment. flowed. complex characters.

I guess I wanted a more dramatic, revengeful ending.

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