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No Denying You (2014)

No Denying You (2014)

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About book No Denying You (2014)

I received a print copy in exchange for an honest review from Berkley. I really wanted to like this book because it sounded like the perfect story and at the beginning I thought it would play really well but half way through the book eventually lost me in the whole off and on again abusive love/hate antics between the h/h. Too many of their indecisiveness and their tempers eventually won out and ruined it for me. No Denying You wasn't a bad read it just didn't win my heart or convince me that Emma and Brant were meant to be together. Who doesn’t love the boss and employee romance? Especially when the boss and employee can’t stand each other, constantly arguing and bickering. But we all know that can lead to one intensely hot coupling if given the chance…Emma hates her boss, Brant. He won’t sign her transfer request so she can get away from him, and she tries really hard to do things that will make him sign the request–to no avail. He’s sexy, unbearably so, but he’s also incredibly uptight, and when she finds something that she can blackmail him with, she uses it. Too bad she has to use it to force him to go to her high school reunion as her boyfriend because she can’t show up to her hometown alone–her mother won’t stop harping on her and trying to set her up. Soon she’ll realize that the hate she harbors inside of her for Brant will morph into something else.Brant is organized and never deviates from his normal routine. There’s something about Emma and that sarcastic mouth of hers that really gets him going. It isn’t until he’s forced to go with Emma to her reunion when the sexual tension becomes off the charts. He starts to become what he’s acting like–laid back, relaxed, Emma’s boyfriend. But something that has happened in his past makes him want to run from his feelings. And from her.There were some incredibly funny moments–the airport, the airplane!–that were so hilariously embarrassing that you couldn’t help but giggle uncontrollably. The sexual tension and the sex were unbelievably hot and sexy especially when he can’t seem to stop coming back to her, and she can’t stop letting him in. We also get to see the rest of the Danvers’ crew from previous books interlaced into the story, and it was great to see where they all were at. This was a great office romance that had love, tears, sex, and humor all boxed up into a good book.**Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review**

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I was so excited to read this and it did not disappoint! Laughter, tears.... it had it all!

I loved this book, but I cannot wait to read Ava and Mac's story; February is too far away!

One of my favorites in the series. I laughed, I cried & then I laughed some more

the most funniest and sweetest book i have ever read..i enjoyed it so much..

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