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No Enemy But Time (2014)

No Enemy But Time (2014)
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No Enemy But Time (2014)
No Enemy But Time (2014)

About book: This was a very well written romantic/tragic story with great world building. I really loved it, also the unperfect resolution because, yes, love is not always enough. I would stay in line to read the novel length story of zack's and Michaels rocky way back to another level of their relationship. I would love to read this part of the story even more than this intro to it. Dear author, pretty please!Also, another, for me new, author on my list to check out. 4.5 starsDear author,Could you write more about Michael and Zack please? I want to see where they go from here so badly it hurts. Thanks.This was such a refreshing take on mythology - Greek gods existing in the everyday world. I loved this story. The author wrote a wonderful tale about a deep and fierce love, about doing what one must even if it's not what you want, and quiet hope that love endures. Well written, with beautiful detail to the world building, this was a pleasure to read. The author did an excellent job getting you to feel the love Zach and Michael share and the heaviness weighing Zach trying to save his Angel. I want to read more and hope that I'll be able to visit these characters in the future.Wonderful addition to the Loves Landscapes event. Highly recommended. Thanks to the author for their time and participation.
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Fun, creative, original. Very good piece of writing.
Man just rip a girl's heart out.
3.75 stars rounded up.
4.5 stars
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