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No Longer A Slum Dog-bringing Hope To Children In Crisis (2011)

No longer a slum dog-bringing hope to children in crisis (2011)

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About book No Longer A Slum Dog-bringing Hope To Children In Crisis (2011)

I liked this book a lot! But aside for my personal reasons and feelings, this book has great content, it grabs you as you read it, and it makes you realize how fortunate your are. It also made me realize how unfair this world has become, and how out of touch with reality the church is today. The salt of the earth is now tasteless. Why do we allow ourselves to fall so deep asleep, and blind ourselves from what is happening in the world. This book brings a great affliction to my heart, I am sure you would agree that what this kids go through is completely heartbreaking, but the major affliction that brings out of me is, how can I live everyday, this blessed life God gave me, and act like nothing is happening out there. Our life today does not reflect that of Christ. What a shame... No Longer a Slumdog by K.P. Yohannan is a eye-opening story of the suffering children in Asia. I have heard of stories of poverty, disease, abuse, and hunger in Asia but never have I read an account like this. This story opened my eyes to the horrible life and degradation among the children and people of India who are born into the caste system and Hindu religion. I can only say that this book made me realize that more people need to read this story. I will certainly pass this book on to other members of my family. It has also motivated me to put the Gospel for Asia on my prayer list. Let's not forget that these problems exist in the USA also; and it is hoped that we do what we can to help our own people as well as those in other countries.

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Absolutely changed me! Recommend to EVERYONE!

Very heart breaking and very convicting.

Deeply moving.

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