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No Sucker (2012)

No Sucker (2012)
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No Sucker (2012)
No Sucker (2012)

About book: If you're into stories that's not made to be taken seriously, then you've chosen the right book. The plot is unbelievably ridiculous, with so much randomness that I actually hated it at first. Its saving grace, however, is the writing style. The story is so easy to read through, plus Helen has a good sense of humor so expect to be entertained with some comic scenes. To sum it all up, this book is crazy. When I first read it, I was doubtful that I'd get to finish the story but look at me now. Favourite character: the Gold fish. Like, seriously.I loved Janie/Xanthe. She's not drooling over excessively victorian dressed 200 hundred years old vamps with a false french accent. (She's trying not to at least...) She loves vampires so there is no initial shock of 'Oh no, vampires !' and no info dump. Thank God. I know Van kills her a few times( stakes her, burns her, wants to chop off her head etc ) but come on...Loved the family factor. And the humour! I need more vampire/comedy books. The boys, because there is a subtle hint for future romance. Ebon was magnificent. Van, red headed vamp hunter, I'm sold. Whatever you do, do not become Sarah's enemy, she's a little nasty evil genius.
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i thought it was good but i also thought the book started out really weird...
It was really funny and a lot different from regular vampire books.
Really interesting.Is there a sequel!?
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