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No Talking (2007)

No Talking (2007)
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No Talking (2007)
No Talking (2007)

About book: Realistic FictionI chose this book because one of my favorite books is Frindle by Andrew Clements. I always enjoyed a handful of his books, but this is one I never read and was excited to read. It lived up to my high expectations of the author. This story is about a fifth grade boy who tries to go a whole day without talking. It became more challenging for him when it turned into a competition between the fifth grade boys and the fifth grade girls to see who could be better at not talking for 48 hours. However, along the 48 hours, the students and the teachers all learned countless valuable lessons. This book was so interesting and I couldn't put it down, so I'd hope that my students would feel the same way. I would definitely suggest this novel to my students for silent reading for so many reasons. I think that they would really be able to connect with the book as it is written from a student's point of view and takes place in a school setting, that they would know very well. They would be able to relate to how they feel about school, talking, the teachers, and maybe even think of trying it for themselves. I would be interested to read journal responses about this book from students because I wonder what their opinions are of having a no-talking contest and to see if they could pick out some of the deeper themes Clements presents. To list a few of the many: the students learn that it is about more than just talking, but also about communicating; the teachers learn how to adapt to the students in a beneficial way for both parties; the students are able to stand up for what they believe in and provide strong justifications; how the girls and boys ending up working together as a team instead of against each other. These are only some of the great lessons from this book, and I'd love to see a student pull these out while reading it. In addition, as stated previously, I really enjoy Andrew Clements' stories. I think that they are interesting and easy to relate to, yet different and though-provoking. I would hope that this may be a book that could encourage students to read other Andrew Clements books or books with similar themes if they find this one as interesting and attention-catching as I did!

No Talking is a book about a fifth grade class. Two students, Dave Packer and Lynsey Burgess, refuse to stop talking. Throughout the day, every day, they talk nonstop. Even though there is a vicious contest between the boys and the girls, the genders envy each other. A dare is created between Dave and Lynsey. Nobody is allowed to talk. They can say no more than three words to the teacher, but that is only if asked a question directly. The whole class becomes involved in the competition to find out who can stay silent the longest. They get swept in over their heads in the contest. They suddenly have to come together to face their common enemy, the principal, The one who is always trying to quiet them down, and now is doing the opposite. In the end, Dave and Mrs. Hiatt apologized to each other and asked to join the contest. Mrs. Hiatt made the whole school do the contest. At lunch on the last day, the girls should have won by twenty seven points. However, Lynsey tied up the contest by saying something nice to the 5th grade that was twenty seven words long.The two main characters in this book are Dave Packer and Lynsey Burgess. Dave and Lynsey are a part of the fifth grade class. Dave has freckles, hazel eyes, and brown hair. Dave is brave and smart, but also lazy. Dave is dislikes the girls in his school. Lynsey has blue eyes and rosey cheeks, and blonde hair. She is intelligent, serious, and talkative. Lynsey and Dave do not get along in the beginning of the story. By the end, they realize that they are not so bad after all.I rate this book a three. This book had an interesting plot and it is fun to imagine for something like this to happen in real life. This book is definitely a good book for children to read and enjoy. I personally enjoyed reading this book.I recommend this book strongly to fifth graders and to children under the age of ten. I think fifth graders should read this book because they could easily put themselves in Dave and Lynsey’s shoes. Any gender is recommended for this book.
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Abby Johnson
The fifth graders at Laketon Elementary School like to talk. In fact, they talk so much that their teachers have dubbed their class "The Unshushables". But lately, Dave Packer has been doing some thinking about talking. He decides to see if he can go a whole day without talking and he very nearly succeeds. What stops him? In the cafeteria, he overhears Lynsey Burgess talking on and on about a sweater she'd wanted to buy. Before he can stop himself, he's insulting her, and soon after that he's challenging her and all the other girls in their class to a contest. Boys vs. girls: who can say the fewest words in the next 48 hours? Another hit from Andrew Clements. He takes an interesting situation, puts it in the hands of some very smart kid characters, adds a few bumbling grownups who eventually see the error of their ways, and wraps it all up with great humor. Highly recommended.
Amber Adams
In writing the author italicizes and capitalizes words to to show and intensity in a characters' voice. The author also writes very descriptively and addresses every detail.The author uses the crafts well in this story. When he capitalizes his specific words, to show emotion through his words, I really felt like one of the students in the classroom. "STUDENTS! YOU ARE TALKING TOO LOUD!" (Pg 37)Andrew Clements also uses different size fonts throughout the book to place intensity on the words. I would use this text in my class to teach emphasis on words. I would read the students an excerpt from page 34 to demonstrate the author's craft. The way the author writes the quote shows the teacher yelling, and the capitalization shows how loud or emotional the teacher is when speaking. "YOU DRIVE ME CRAZY! You call yourselves STUDENTS? You are a MISERABLE MOB! You are LOUD Undisciplined, and I WILL not tolerate your NOISE! When you walk in MY hallways, you do not SHOUT! You do not WAVE and YELL and HOOT when you see your friends."
Dylan S
Ian am currently reading No Talking by Andrew Clements. This book is about a completion against loud, disrespectful, mean boys and girls. This book is about a boy named Dave who challenges all the girls at his school to a no talking challenge since they have been really noisy and the principal has gotten really mad and has to use his bullhorn A LOT. I think the author uses great detail and does a great job in every book I've read by him including Lunch Money another book by him that I am currently reading. I would rate this book 3 stars because I like it a lot, but its not one of books that you can't stop reading.
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