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No Woman No Cry: My Life With Bob Marley (2004)

No Woman No Cry: My Life With Bob Marley (2004)
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No Woman No Cry: My Life With Bob Mar...
No Woman No Cry: My Life With Bob Marley (2004)

About book: This book was very appealing to me, particuraly because it has so much to do with my culture. Reggae happens to be my favorite genre of music, so this book was a "goodread" for me. This book was very touching and emotional at parts because it talked abou how Bob Marley used to sleep on the ground of a studio at night and how his wife, Rita Marley, washed his one pair of underwear for him to wear day in and day out. No one had expected Bob to become known all over the world. He broke their expectations greatly. In fact, his music was so popular internationally that people "bootlegged" his work. they sold illegal copies of his music to people. He was the first person ever to start a peace concert, and a concert for releif. His concert was called the "One Love: World Peace Concert". Through his songs and various performances, he hoped to instill in people that world peace can be achived if everyone only works together and if they stop rushing and just slow down to inhale the sweet smell of life. Sadly, this great hero died. His widow, renowned artist Rita Marley, who was also a backup singer in his band, Bob Marley and The Wailers, and lead singer in her own group, I-Three, continued his legacy by establishing a museum in honor of him. The museum is called the Bob Marley Museum and it is located at his house- his house, is now open to public viewing and everything he ever owned, all priceless, can be admired by his fans. I would reccomend this powerful book to anyone who takes an interest in great musical heros or Reggae greats, or even just an interest in various types of music at all.James Haskins

I bought this book in hopes of learning more about Bob Marley, and I did learned a lot about Bob and Rita Marley in this book. Neverthess, I felt like Rita was just saying words. I felt like the story was told with no real sense of emotion about what was happening. For instance, at one point in the book, Rita tells the story of when Bob found Neville Garrick in her room. Bob lifted her up in the air, and then he dropped her. All she had to say about this was things like "Neville was so frightened," and "poor Neville." I cannot help but think, though, Rita just got dropped from the air by her husband who then went back to his room with his girlfriend. How does that make her really feel? This is just one example that I keep remembering, but I had the same feeling about situations that were presented earlier in the book. I do not think I got a real understanding of how Rita really felt about everything that happened. She was just telling me a story, and that was not quite fulfilling enough for me. Still, there is lot's of information about Bob and Rita in this book and I do recommend it to people wanting to learn more about the man, his music, and more importantly in this book, his wife.
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David Dacosta
Rating: 3.5 starsSome men know how to pick them. For Reggae icon and notorious philanderer, Bob Marley, his wife Rita was just the right type of woman to carry the load and rarely ever raise a stink. No Woman No Cry is as much about Rita and Bob’s rollercoaster marriage, as it is the telling of the rise and untimely passing of Jamaica’s first and only global superstar. For much of her marriage to Marley, Rita went well beyond the call of duty, enduring extended periods of neglect and heartbreaking revelations associated with her husband’s rock star lifestyle. In the end, it’s difficult to decide whether to label her as foolish or just committed to a fault.
Picking up this particular book, I really wanted to experience Bob Marley the legend...big mistake! All I got was Bob Marley the ordinary man. The fact that he beat his wife just descended him from the pedestal that I put him on. I guess he was human like the rest of us after all. The rest of the book was enjoyable..reading about humble beginnings that resonate with my township upbringing made the story even more real. I have a new found respect for Rita because of all she endured and this somehow de-mystified her. (I had always wondered what Bob saw in her in the first place and the story reveals this, which is great!)
This book was very eye opening regarding the choices in love that Bob Marley made throughout his life. Rita meets Bob as a teenaged mother working on her nursing career who also likes to sing. They fall in love after spending countless hours in the studio before Bob becomes a success. Living together in Trench Town, in a small shack, with little to eat, the couple struggle to spread Bob's music while creating a family together. Rita makes do, while Bob sings. And then babies enter the picture, along with other women and record companies intent on making a profit from Bob's message.This is the story of how Rita dealt with Bob's love, success, infidelity, and family; traveling all over the world, being labelled his "sister", caring for his children by other women, singing in the background, and handling his death.I loved the book because it gave me insight into a powerful icon in music that I know little about, but I found myself wanting more, and wishing there was more info given about how his music developed and how he morphed into a Jamaican hero and reggae superstar. Rita wrote this book as if she were holding a conversation, which led to many holes in her story throughout the book. I was left wanting to know Bob's side of the story, and more about his life and struggles."No Woman, No Cry" made for a great discussion within my book club, since Bob's infidelity was a central theme of the book, and it was also a nice introduction to Bob's life, but for a more in depth look, I'd suggest something that focuses more on his career in the music business.
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