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Noah's Ark (1998)

Noah's Ark (1998)
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Noah's Ark (1998)
Noah's Ark (1998)

About book: Not what I had expected at all, it was far more serious and slightly dark than the "fabulously witty" recommendation had suggested. Ali's decision, the one that affects her marriage with Noah (dont want to say too much in case I give a spoiler) but basically it was a decision that greatly decreased any respect I had previously felt for her. Which to be fair wasn't a great deal. Maybe this is being horribly judgmental but I disapproved of what she did and it affected my view of the rest of the book. Noah was a more likeable character but he wasn't one I would want to be married. I found him controlling and this annoyed me. Camilla was the best character in my opinion, with maybe Arnie as well. A well written novel that is only marked down for me because I did not connect with the protagonist.

This is the fourth of Barbara Trapido's novels that I have read though it is her second in order of publication. Within two or three pages I felt completely at home in her world. I even identified strongly with a couple of her characters. I love the stylish insouciance of her prose, the allusions to poetry and music, the witty dialogue and her generous view of humanity. At the end, the main character has toughened up a bit and describes her previous existence as a black comedy. Well, certainly a comedy, but a sparkling one.
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While Noah's Ark was a fascinating read at times, the story seemed to bounce from plot to plot without a main direction. There was no particlar start or ending to the descriptions of the relationship of Alison and Noah, the focus of the book, which sometimes made it hard to grasp the plot or even remember the background to other characters mentioned as they were not given a proper introduction. As a period piece it was a satisfying read but I wish there had been a clearer aim to the depiction of the characters and their lives to give the novel its lacking purpose.
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