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Nobody's Perfect (2013)

Nobody's Perfect (2013)

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About book Nobody's Perfect (2013)

This is my favorite of the Rescue Me Series. I can relate so much to Savi its scary. but it also gives me hope that love is not all lost. It also gave me an idea of a new way to cope in which I hope to try in the near future. To me this book wasn't about the BDSM aspect it was about gaining trust and learning to cope with trama. very well written I hope Kallypso Masts writes more books along the lines of coping and learning to not let ur past haunt u. I loved the book. Not only were there the hpot erotoc parts, there is a lot of actual storyline to it, that made me continue reading because I wanted to know what was going to happen.I loved Damian's and Savi's story, am happy we know more about Adam/ Karla. Too bad we don't know what is happening with Marc/ Angie.Also, Chico and Chiquita's adventures were hilarious (Chico's visitation rights, bwahaha!)Can't wait to read the next one.

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Good continuation. Very emotional. Very intense.

3.5 stars. Slow in some spots

These two are my faves :)

Loved it

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