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Northanger Abbey And Angels And Dragons (2010)

Northanger Abbey and Angels and Dragons (2010)
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Northanger Abbey And Angels And Drago...
Northanger Abbey And Angels And Dragons (2010)

About book: I did not expect the book to follow the original so closely while pairing it with the paranormal. Truly, had I known it for what it is, I may never had read it at all. Blissful ignorance. I read it and enjoyed the retelling and was grateful it never utterly squelched Austen nor delved too deeply into the supernatural so as to make it grotesque. I enjoyed rather hearty chuckles throughout the book. I really enjoyed this book. It was very hard to put down and I stayed up two nights reading this book. The main character's, Catherine, supernatural abilities brought a refreshing tone to the novel. I hated Catherine's so called friend, Isabella, and her brother, John. I was ecstatic when Catherine disassociated herself from the evil siblings.The innocence and supernatural abilities of Catherine made it hard to close the book. Nazarian's character development, imagery and plot development with a surprising twist at the conclusion of the book will make this a favorite for people who enjoy romance, suspense, supernatural fiction with a sprinkling of a little humor. Don't take my word for it go out and purchase the book.This is the first Nazarian book I've had the pleasure of reading.
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This is a very strange book but it was very funny and I quite enjoyed it
Just grabbed this off amazon as a free download. Yay!
$0.0 regularly $7.99
Not blinking likely
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