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Not Quite Dating (2012)

Not Quite Dating (2012)

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1612187145 (ISBN13: 9781612187143)
Montlake Romance

About book Not Quite Dating (2012)

I'm not normally into romance novels, but a friend of mine recommended this series, so I thought what the heck. This is the story of Jack, a billionaire, who falls in love with Jessie, a Denny's waitress. He lies to her about being rich because he wants her to fall in love with him for him. The story unfolds very naturally. The characters are complex and the storyline is awesome. I want a Jack in my life!! It was really early in the morning when I finished this book, and it kept me awake for a long time, not that I'm complaining. This was such a great book. I loved what he did, and I loved how she always put her son first. And holy moly her son was so adorable, I could actually picture a five year old boy in my head, coming from someone who can't even imagine a bicycle with two wheels.

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Meh. To be fair though this book is exactly what is presents itself to be.

Readable but not super thrilling

Cute but not my cup of tea

beach book

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