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Not Simple (2010)

not simple (2010)

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About book Not Simple (2010)

This was my first Ono book. I was moved by author's attempt to address some very hard subject matter and the story telling device of story within a story was interesting. However, I found the visual telling of the content and plot somewhat lackluster. I kept expecting more dramatic visual elements, other than close ups of characters faces, which in Ono's visual style left me confused as to what character's were really feeling. Some stories really draw you in, and for the most part I felt as I was reading "Not Simple" I was a distant on looker viewing in, without ever being invited into the story. tragedySome sweet moments making the ending all the more powerful and crushingvery unusual, but effective artone character is searching for his family and love, the other kind of becomes a brother figure to him and is running away from his familyvery darkvery much niche work, but extremely powerful readmasterpieceharshly realistic (deals with broken families, love, tragedy, aids, and sexual abuse)

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Sadder than it needed to be or than it made sense to be. And nothing was fleshed out enough for me.

Not simple, atmospheric, harrowing and gloriously eerie. I like all those things in equal measure.

The prologue warns you that this story is going to be ridiculously melodramatic. It's right.

;_; So heartbreaking.

Sad little story.

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