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Notorious (2006)

Notorious (2006)
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Notorious (2006)
Notorious (2006)

About book: At Waverly boarding school, no one could get enough drama in Cecily von Ziegesar's "Notorious", just one of the series. So when Jenny, a new student, ended up sharing a dorm room with Callie and Brett, two of the most popular girls in school, she knew she was in for a wild ride. Actually, she was bunking in the most popular and breathtaking girl's bed-Tinsley Carmichael, Callie and Brett's best friend. She heard rumors all the time about Tinsley and whether she was coming back after her suspension last year. When Tinsley is allowed back in school and finds Jenny sleeping in her previous bed, she isn't too happy about it. She immediately doesn't like Jenny; after all, she did steal her spot at Waverly. Of course, Jenny feels extremely intimidated by her and just wants to fit in. All four girls encounter imponderable decisions throughout the course of their school year. Facing challenges like fitting in, boyfriend troubles, losing friendships, and much more, the girls realize they have to come together to work out their problems with each other. But Tinsley seems to have changed while being gone, Callie and Brett are keeping secrets, and Jenny just doesn't know where to fit in the picture. Can the four girls learn work together in time to save falling apart friendships and broken relationships, and lastly reveal untold secrets? Find out in this intense book.

Notorious is the second book in the series The It Girl (by Cecily Von Ziegesar.) I found this one much more interesting than the first novel, The It Girl, because it was really intense, and kept me on the edge. Jenny Humphrey is still recovering from the fact she was almost expelled from Waverly Academy her first night there when legendary Tinsley Carmichael, another student who was expelled last year, arrives. Tinsley is described to be beautifully intimidating, and she gives Jenny the cold shoulder the minute they meet. This book differs from the original novel because there is an added character, Tinsley, who is quick to reestablish her place in Waverly and will do anything to do so. The author’s writing was very intriguing because she used so many adjectives to describe each and every person, so that the reader was able to obtain a very good sense of each personality. Von Ziegesar also puts a lot emphasis on the feuding between Jenny and her roommates (mainly Tinsley and Callie Vernon) and how Tinsley rapidly judges Brett Messerschmidt, another roommate, for rejecting her and becoming friends with Jenny. I would definitely recommend that people who either haven’t read the series at all or are just starting, continue to read all the books because they are AMAZING.
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This book is about Jenny Humphrey, a freshmen in college trying to fit in with everybody. she's not as fresh, nor is she as pretty but she does have abnormally large breasts that people DO seem to notice. She dorms with three rather popular girls on campus and only one is nice to her. Tinsley, the girl that just returned from suspension is an instigator, trying to make things worse between Jenny and Callie. Callie's a popular girl too, whom also lives in their dorm. She was going out with this guy but then the guy broke up with her because he was into Jenny. So much gossip and so much drama in this college dorm life. i liked this book because it might possibly be what i'm going to be going through in college myself. It made me be excited for college because everything just goes out of control and it's an once in a life time thing. because once these four years are over, adulthood begins, and that sucks.
Jenny Humphrey is much more annoying in the Gossip Girl series, but here she's quite tolerable, compared to the company she keeps. Callie Vernon is old money; her mother is Atlanta's governor. Brett Messerschmidt's parents are Jersey gauche; her dad a cosmetic surgeon, and her mum a big fan of animal print-leggings. And Tinsley Carmichael is the biggest bitch of all, but we're supposed to hate her.In this instalment, Brett's been having a sexless affair with her adviser, and Tinsley decides to break them up. Callie's ex Easy Walsh is now with Jenny; Tinsley decides to break them up. She's not just breaking up romances, though - she's dividing friendships, too. Tinsley could never be accused of not keeping things interesting.
Ruth Noemi Rojas
Wavering between 3 and 4 stars, I bumped it up. For starters,I would like to thank God, for letting me complete this book. The only reason I didn't give it five stars is because of all the "bad words" in it and the fact the the characters smoke so much. I know these books are "ghost-written", and I think that's why they might be better than Gossip Girl. The characters in this series remind me of the characters from the Clique series a lot. Tinsley C. reminds me of Massie Block from the Clique. C
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