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Notte Di Sangue A Coyote Crossing (2011)

Notte di sangue a Coyote Crossing (2011)

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8882372332 (ISBN13: 9788882372330)
Meridiano Zero

About book Notte Di Sangue A Coyote Crossing (2011)

Part-time sheriff's Deputy Toby Sawyer gives new meaning to the word "hapless." He's given the simple task of keeping his eye on the body of a local tough who turns up murdered. Somehow, he manages to botch even that. His efforts to set his mistake right send him lurching from one life-threatening situation to another, uncovering more and more secrets and corruption with every lurch. Let's face it, Jack Reacher this guy ain't. But Victor Gischler keeps the action moving so fast, and makes the bad guys so bad, that you end up pulling for the poor schmuck with the tin badge pinned to his Weezer t-shirt. Fast-paced, tightly plotted, and darkly funny, this is Gischler's best book since his debut, GUN MONKEYS. This book was a very easy and entertaining read. I really liked the progression of the character, especially given how much I disliked the character in the beginning. Maybe I don't understand the genre, but it did not have enough mystery or guesswork for me. I really like being able to play along with the character in trying to resolve the conflict, but this book provided my very little to none of that. It was a very linear read. Maybe that goes to show what a good author Gischler is, that I can stay that interested in a book that doesn't engage me beyond reading the words themselves, but I don't think I will pick up another one of his books for awhile.I read this while on a plane, and in looking back on it, it was perfect for that situation. Quick, easy to pick up where you left off and a simple enough plot to follow with all the distraction all around you on a plane.

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Slow in the beginning but once it picks up I was completely hooked.

Quick fun read. Good character growth. A couple of decent twists.

What a fun read! Would make an excellent tarantino movie.

Great! Gischler is the man. Noir at its finest.

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