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Nowhere To Run (2005)

Nowhere to Run (2005)
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0312938047 (ISBN13: 9780312938048)
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Nowhere To Run (2005)
Nowhere To Run (2005)

About book: FINALLY done. I was really only reading this when on breaks at work and mostly wound up chatting to coworkers.This book was difficult to get in to. Sure, it's got anthrax, and all the haute topics that followed in pocket fiction in the early days after 9/11, but, eh. The book was enjoyable enough as a means to kill time, and was a swift read because the chapters are so ridiculously short. Most were only a page, some only a couple of sentences. That kind of choppy style really annoys me, though some authors (including my favourite, Mary Higgins Clark [my sister mistakenly bought me this book thinking it was one of hers]) can do it successfully. I do have to say, though, I didn't guess "whodunnit", though the clues were there. Perhaps because I was only reading intermittently over the course of a month or more, otherwise I might have remembered what was going on.I do h
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