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O Executor (2010)

O Executor (2010)
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O Executor (2010)
O Executor (2010)

About book: Dit is het 3e boek wat ik van dit schrijversduo lees en alhoewel het niet zo goed was als de vorige drie is dit boek best nog een echte aanrader!Ik vond dit boek wat minder omdat ik het plot vrij snel door had en het dus niet meer zo leuk om te lezen was.De achtergronden van sommige personages mochten van mij ook wat minder uitgebreid aan bod komen. Heerlijk vlotte schrijfstijl en toch spannend genoeg om uit te lezen in een dag of twee! This is a very well-written thriller, the second in a series based in Sweden with Joona Linna, an ethic Finn, as the main character. I enjoyed the occasional Finnish comments and apparent swear words. One of the parallel plot developments involved a gifted violinist, which was interesting and eventually proved relevant to the mystery. My only big complaint is that the action scenes at the end seemed so obviously blocked out for a movie. I recently heard a mystery author say that the movie industry has affected the way that authors treat setting, using some cinematic approaches in their descriptions. But this seemed to me to be screaming out for a movie deal, especially since the first book in the series is already being made into a movie.
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No és Åsa Larsson però enganxa... A pel tercer!
2.5 starsNot as good as The Hypnotist.
5 stars! Fantastic book
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