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O Labirinto De Ossos (2010)

O Labirinto de Ossos (2010)

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About book O Labirinto De Ossos (2010)

This was a quick read,but kept me interested. I decided to read the series because of my fifth grade class. Since it was one of the few series I haven't read, I picked up the first one from my school library. Now I am going to read the rest. I work in a low income school and most of my students are second language learners and struggling readers. They are not only reading these books but are trading and discussing them too. I listened to this book with my mom, who is also a fan of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and Kane family series.We were disappointed. My mom says she felt it was "contrived" and we agree that the characters were flat and not believable. I do give it 2 stars because I am glad the series exists and is popular because it introduces a lot of history and world geography to young readers. However, it's really only good for young readers and does not translate well for adults, unlike Riordan's other books.

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Intrigued & can't wait to continue the series.

Great book about adventure and mystery

Just plain fun!


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