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Octavian's Undoing (2013)

Octavian's Undoing (2013)

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Octavian’s Undoing ReviewI was a little nervous about this book. I got the sample and read that before buying and was still nervous. The sample was good enough and made me curious enough to buy the actual book, but I didn’t know what to expect. Things to note: 1. This book takes place in the British Columbia. 2. IF you guess what Octavian is, you deserve to be labeled a genius because I did not see that coming AT ALL! I actually read that part twice to make sure I read what I thought I read. 3. If you like lots of or detailed sexy time, you may not like this book. It’s at the VERY END and was a very light sceneNow one of the deciding factors for me was that the book was so long. My Amazon said that it was over 500, which I really really liked. When it said I had thirty pages left actually I was like “No, there must be more! How can you wrap this up?”. However it did wrap up and now I am eagerly waiting books 2 and three which are already on Goodreads, but not out which is really disappointing because I want them like YESTERDAY. One thing that really bothered me was that the main character and the one friend she makes (so you know she will be important later) have red hair. Really? Why? Not that I hate redheads, just I really like characters having different colors of hair and I thought that was a little much. There is no explanation for how Octavian and his family make their money. They obviously have a lot of it and the bar seems seemingly successful, but really where does the money come from? Especially since the people at the bar don’t pay with money. How do they convert it? It’s not a big deal, but it just bothered me a little. If you like sexy time you may not like this book because its not there, like at all. Its at the end and all 500 pages leading up to that point they don’t touch AT ALL. There was so much sexual tension built up throughout the first 500 pages and when we finally got to that point it was very anti-climatic. I was just disappointed. I don’t mind no sexy time, but when its built up that much and nothing comes of it, it seems like a waste of words. I love it when there are BROTHERS!!!! And this one had four total. It always just makes things more fun when you see the brothers fall one by one. I also love the family dynamics and love in this book. It always makes you want to be a part of it. The whole “This is not real” “What are you scene” wasn’t as bad as some I have read lately. I just hate when that scene is dragged out. You know its real and that they will eventually accept it so why must we make it so incredibly long and ridiculous. SPOILERS AHEADWARNING WARNING WARNINGOk so I’m sure everyone hated her dad as much as I did. I was so happy that she stood up for herself. I don’t think that happens that often in books anymore. People are allowed to stand up to their parents. Even more so when that parent is absolutely horrible. I wasn’t sad to see him go, but I was pissed when she wouldn’t let the guys kill him and it caused so much harm and she ends up doing it herself. She caused all this pain for something that she ends up doing anyway. I know its part of her development or whatever, but why? Why would you do that? If a monster was about to kill my brother-in-law I wouldn’t stop the other brother-in-law from killing the monster no matter what. These guys had been her family more than her dad ever had and she stops them. Characters are so frustrating sometimes. Overall really good and give it 4.5 out of 5.The reason its not a 5 out of 5 is what she did to the main character which just bugged me. I was loving this book. I was loving the way it was written, the MC, the lead male, their chemistry, the supernatural realm... everything.Until I learned what they were.And there are two creatures in the supernatural/paranormal world I cannot take seriously: faeries and mermaids. Yup... he's a mermaid. I thought I'd just read on and look past it... but then he turned into a frickin fish and I was done. So. Very. Done.But because I enjoyed the writing, I'll have to look more into Morgana/Aricka Phoenix's books!

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