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Of Neptune (2014)

Of Neptune (2014)

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I really enjoyed the first two books of the series, this one though I was disappointed with. I had several problems with Of Neptune. I don't like the way Galen and Emma's relationship was dealt with in this book. I hated the sudden love triangle that was slipped in. I'm not one of those people that generally hates love triangles but I do believe love triangles should NEVER be thrown into the last book of a series. I didn't like that pretty much everyone and their cousin in the town of Neptune had the Gift of Poseidon. It made Emma seem less valuable and important, which is why the Archives let her live and agree to her and Galen's mating. Others having the Gift of Poseidon kind of ruins the main aspect of the first two books and renders some of the previous plots pointless, which is a shame considering those plots were the best part of the story. Of Neptune created a lot of unnecessary conflict and drama, which I guess it had too considering that Of Triton pretty much closed up all the lose ends and conflicts that Of Poseidon introduced us to. With all my gripes it might seem strange I gave Of Neptune three stars, but when I wasn't frustrated with this book I was entertained and I still enjoyed the characters. Though the main thing I liked about this book was the ending, I got a happy sweet ending and I do enjoy those. Overall I really liked this series, its fun and fast paced. However I do believe the series would have been better without Of Neptune because Of Triton wrapped up the series rather nicely and if just the ending of Of Neptune would have been added to Of Triton then this series would have ended on a much higher note. Fantastic ending to this great series. I really admire the way that Banks is able to show how much Emma grows throughout this book, and how she is able to figure out what she really wants in life. When her and Galen are sent to the town of Neptune by Emma's grandfather, they realize that Emma is not the only Half Breed. Emma has to decided if she wants to stay there and be accepted, or go back with Galen. Why can't she have both?!Anyway. I would definitely recommend this series because it really does have a great ending, of course, I don't know if I am the person to trust with that because when I say a book has a good ending, I mean it was written well, not necessarily that it was a happy ending or an ending that eveyone wants. What does that mean for this book? Read it and find out!!! :) :)

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